Career Endeavours Of Ust Pharmacy Graduates Of Years 2010-2013 Upon Passing The Board Examinations  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Pharmacy
Institution / University: University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
Published in: 2014

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As advancements in medicine and health education continue to become more complex, the interest of pursuing a future career in the field of healthcare is still on upsurge. This study focused on the career endeavours pursued by UST pharmacy graduates (2010-2013) upon passing the board exam. A number of 84 respondents were selected from the total population of the graduates from years 2010-2013 through systematic random sampling. The objectives of this study are to identify the different jobs entered by the respondents and to determine the level of satisfaction in their respective careers. The study utilized a descriptive approach through online survey for data collection. Microsoft Excel’s Data Analysis and Data Analysis Toolpak, as well as IBM® SPSS were used to statistically treat the data. From the data analysis, the following conclusions were derived: majority of the respondents pursued a career related to the practice of pharmacy; the rate of the respondents that are employed in a career directly involved in human healthcare activities is 71%; the major pharmaceutical fields where the respondents are situated include hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, academic pharmacy, and pharmacy in government service, and others which include Business Process Outsourcing, pharmacy in publishing (MIMS), pharmacy research, pharmacy benefits management, pharmacy technician, drug distribution, post-graduate studies and importing business; there is no significant difference in the mean satisfaction level between those employed in jobs directly involved in human healthcare activities and those who are not.

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Pharmacy, Careers, Graduates, Board Examinations

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