Cosmic Reasons For The Sea Level Changes  

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Cosmic reasons for Sea-level changes
(Factor 1: from outside the Solar-system)

The ever changing position of the Solar-system in the Cosmos changes Sea-level. The Solar-system moves continuously in a curve in the Cosmos. The curve is an elliptical curve turning about a moving Mega-focus. The Mega-focus is a resultant gravitational-centre of many systems similar to the Solar-system which have high gravitational dependence with one another.
As the Solar-system orbits about the Mega-focus it behaves as same as a Comet. Solar-system is a Giga-Comet. The Sun and the Planets form the Coma or Nebula and the rest – which stretch out to the end of the Solar-system – form the tail.
When the system approaches the Mega-focus the system expands due to dilation. The body near to the Mega-focus accelerates more than the bodies further. The orbits of the Planets about the Sun expand. Due to the expansion, the radiation received by the Planets from the Sun decreases. Which causes the cooling of the Earth and drop in the Sea-level.
In the same time, the approach toward Mega-focus increases the radiation that could be received from the Mega-focus. But most of the radiation that comes is blocked from reaching the Earth at the Solar-pause and other objects and dust that are in the Solar-system as well as in the systems which form the Mega-focus. As such the amount received from Outer-systems will be of minor correction value and no more.
Further, when the Solar-system travels past the Mega-focus, in an elliptical orbit, the radiation received from the Sun reverses. Namely, it increases. Because as the distance from the Mega-focus increases,, the distance between the Planets and the Sun decreases due to negative dilation The orbits shrink. As the orbit shrinks the amount of radiation received by the Earth from the Sun increases. Which causes, melting of the frozen ice on the land, warming up of waters, and beside others, latent-desertification. Waters leave the lands and flow into the seas and oceans. The Sea-level rises.
Many research works suspect an Ice-age cycle of about 40,000 years exists. If it is nearly periodic then one can attribute the recurring Ice-ages to such cosmic movement. Because a system can never “be alone” and have to orbit another bigger system which must always be a complicated resultant Mega-focus. And the orbiting is periodic, though the periods are bound to change.
To determine whether the orbits expand or shrink it is not easy. Many super-sensitive instruments have to come. If instruments came then one can forecast whether the Earth is moving towards or away from an Ice-age. When the orbit is expanding then the system is moving towards the Mega-focus. Which means the Earth is travelling towards an Ice-age. Glaciers will increase, more flora on the soil, rivers will rise in height and the Sea-level falls.
And on the contrary, when the orbit of the Earth shrinks the Solar-system is travelling away from the Mega-focus. We can expect melting of glaciers, latent-desertification, desertification and besides others soil-erosion. They bring about a rise in the Sea-level.
However, this is one of the factors. There are many other factors which add or subtract to the change in Sea-level. Reckoning the resultant is extremely tedious and brain rattling. But as with time much will be known and the Sea-level could be tuned.
The next following are causes within the Solar-system that changes Sea-level.

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