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Consensus on Sea Level
(By Hamsen B Paramahamsa)
Consensus on Sea-level is a political issue. The oceans and seas are common to many countries and the central parts of the oceans are common to all. At present, the main issue is the rise in Sea-level. Many countries have lost and are loosing much land. The chemistry of the marine waters are in a mess. One knows just a little over the advantages or upsets brought to the marine species. The global evaporation of water has fallen because much water has settled in the oceans without the proportional increase in the surface area exposed to evaporation. It has a direct effect on rain failures and desertification. And many more reasons discovered and yet to be discovered are inducing to have a consensus on Sea-level. It has to be decided how deep should it go.
My personal proposal is to lower the Sea-level by 50 centimetres from that of to-day´s.
This proposal to lower by 50 centimetres from to-day´s will spurt out much critic, mainly by countries who have constructed many harbours and jetty´s to fit present conditions of the Sea-level for their harbours.
Others, who have lost their livelihood, and have to migrate from the Coast because of the Sea-level rise would immediately support such a consensus. Because just few decades previously they had more land along the Coast than now.
In the recent coastal and Sea-level history, the height of marine waters have been rising by about 20 centimetres per century. If lowered by 50 cms it will more or less get back to the geography that had been about three centuries ago. Therefore, it is reasonable to have a consensus of 50 centimetres lower of the Sea-level than the one today.

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