Solar System Is Huge Comet  

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Solar system is a Huge Comet

The Solar-system is a Huge Comet. It orbits a Mega-focus. The Mega-focus is the resultant of a moving gravitational centre formed by many systems like Solar-system that form a cluster. The Mega-focus is never permanently fixed but it moves in a quasi ellipsoid. It is so because the systems are continually moving and are never free from external influences. They travel in a quasi plane. As a result of changes in the behaviour of the systems the Mega-focus keeps moving in a quasi-ellipsoid.

The Solar-system is a Huge Comet because it has a Huge Head or Coma, which can be called also a Nebula. The centre of the Coma is formed by the Sun. Other big and small Planets; Asteroids, Meteorites, boulders, gravels, sand and dust give the cloudy look. All the other objects that stretch outwards form the tail of the Solar-comet, including Comets that orbit the Sun. If one had a chance to get out of the Solar-system, travel far away and have a look back at it, one will see that the Solar-system looks as same as a Comet. The difference is the Coma radiates light, heat and many other sub-atomic particles.

The tail of the Solar-comet behaves similarly like that of a normal Comet. Namely, it travels always in the shadow-side of the Nebula. The head shows his side to the Mega-focus. It behaves in such a way because of the different speeds the objects have. Higher the speed more the distance from the Mega-focus. But all the members are held by the solar-gravitation. Therefore, they are bound to be on the shade side of the Head.

An easy way to see the phenomenon, is to simulate with a key tag tied to a string. When the key tag is swung in circles from the end of a string, the tag´s ring will represent the coma and the keys represent the tail. The keys will always travel in the outer circle. The keys are the comet´s tail. The ring which is in between the keys and hand represent the Comet´s head or coma. And the string represents the gravitational force between the main force-giving-body, Sun or Hand.

The same dynamics are are seen in the comet´s behaviour. The difference is the binding force. It is the force of gravity. Therefore, the Sun being the head; the next bigger objects orbiting the Sun form the cloud around the head; and the Sun´s much more minor bodies that stretch billions of kilometres outwards form the tail. And they all together must orbit a Mega-focus. This makes the Solar-system a Huge Comet.

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