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Sea-level Formula
The Increase in natural storage of Solar-energy in the continents decreases the Sea-level.
The other way round
The Decrease in natural storage of Solar energy in the continents increases the Sea-level.
The law on Sea-level
Natural storage of solar energy in the continents acts inversely on Sea-level.
What is natural storage of solar energy?
1. Solar energy is stored in water when it evaporates as solar energy falls upon it. The vapour travels upwards and precipitates in mountains and lands. It remains in glaciers, lakes, valleys and rivers. During this time it stores solar-energy and keeps it as potential energy in it. The amount of water is not in the sea, it is up in the continent. It brings down the Sea-level. The solar energy is naturally stored in the continents through water and glaciers. Glaciers, though icy cold, showing very low energy level, holds much solar energy stored in them as potential energy.
2. Botany stores solar energy naturally. It can convert up to 10% of the falling energy per day. And it will remain like that for very long periods. The converted solar energy is in the molecules which have hydrogen and oxygen in it. Those two elements form water. Since the molecules are held back from flowing away it will progressively bring down the Sea-level. Besides, the cells hold much of water as juices, nectar and in other forms. They hold much solar energy in daily basis.
3. Both the process of solar energy storage have many accompanied effects which holds additional solar energy which helps reduce the Sea-level indirectly. They are in the capillaries, in soil and in the increased humidity of the region etc.
The application of above mentioned law and the simple formulas on Sea-level will bring the Sea-level down. The law and the formula can be used to tune the Sea-level according to the need.
Desertification and Glacier-sublimation means no solar-energy stored naturally.
Result: Sea-level-rise.
Forests, Jungles, glaciers and water-reservoirs means solar-energy stored naturally.
Result: Sea-level-drop.

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