Action At Anton's Door  

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Part one:

Anton heard noise at his door. He went to the door and looked through the peep-hole. He saw a man standing out and trying to push-open the door. The man was converting bio-chemical-energy into mechanical energy and having an “action” on the door. There were some pressing noise, slightly cracking noise and a slight bend in the middle of the door. But the energy supplied by the man went into the molecules of the door but the power was not sufficient to push-open the door. The man was sweating and letting out a hard hum noise. He had work-done.
The energy supplied remained mostly in the molecules some slightly broke the bondage of the molecules, some left as sound energy, a bit as heat, some went into the doors frame and further into the walls, and the rest remained as potential energy in the molecules (elasticity) by squeezing them on the outer-side and stretching them in the inner-side of the door where the bend was seen.
Anton thought of chasing the burglar away. He was careful. He hung the safety chain and unlocked the door. Now the door got pushed. A part of burglar´s action moved it. But the push came to a halt as the chain got tightly stretched. The bend in the door straightened itself. Now the molecules of the chain got some potential energy pushed into them, yet not enough to break it. Anton saw the danger coming. He instantly decided to push back the door. The safety chain helped to win time. He started the “reacting action”. He pushed back the door. Bio-chemical-energy was getting converted into mechanical also in his body. Now the “action of the burglar” was countered by the “reacting action of Anton”. The door was at an equilibrium. On both sides work-done was in progress. And energy has been converted into mechanical energy and forced into the molecules of the door.
The equilibrium did not last long. Because the supply of energy into the door´s molecules were doubled by the “action” of the burglar and by “reacting action” by Anton. Now the energy that was forced into the door´s molecules is so much that it became critical to the molecules´ structural bondages. The energy was getting spread. Noise of cracking became continuous. And the door gave way. The upper part broke and fell on the burglar because he was a short man. The lower part broke and hit Anton´s bowels. It was terrible. Bad time dawned. It was deep winter in Siberia.
In an action, the energy supplied enters the molecules of the acted upon object. The acted upon object does not react but the energy is forced into it. The energy gets stored as potential energy in the molecules. The molecules deform within elasticity. But the amount that could be forced into the molecules has a limit. After the limit is reached, the molecules’ physical-state changes. They break bondage or begin to move or both. The work is done by the acting person or object. The door itself doesn´t react. Reaction has to be brought in, with supply of energy or work-done.
If reacting action is brought in, then again energy is forced into the acted upon object by the reacting person or object. And work is done by the reacting person or object. Like action, reaction too needs energy supply or work done. It the case of Anton´s door the reacting energy came from Anton.

Part Two:
In an action or in an reacting-action that counters the action, energy is released. Energy release is always spherically outwards from the point of release in a homogeneous medium. And its amount decreases inversely as the distance increases.
But in practice it is seldom one has a perfectly homogeneous medium. Then the energy spreads differently and comes also to reflection. When reflected the energy gets channelled. And it may get a tubular form or linear or torque form of channelling. Then the energy spreads equally in opposite directions. Or if the tubular or linear transfer is obstructed on one side then the energy goes to the free side. Some energy get into the blocking medium. And the energy on the free side is increased.
In an action like that of the burglar and Anton the action gets a torque form. The energy is released somewhere in the hip region. And goes through the muscles as mechanical energy and enters the hands. And hands transfer energy into the the door. It is possible only if the other side of burglars action is blocked and the energy is channelled. That is done by sending mechanical energy through the muscles into the legs. The legs use the friction of the ground to hold position and send energy into the door. If the ground was of ice then it is impossible because ice will not allow to block. Then the burglar falls down like a pusher of a car in winter on a frozen street. In this case of action, there is equal and opposite action (not reaction) as long as the equilibrium holds. Like when the burglar was pushing the door and nothing happened to the door but energy went into the molecules of the door. And it is action in two directions where the resultant of both work up to be equal and opposite. It is torque and the hip the axis. If one end fails the energy just spreads off.
There is no any reaction coming from the door. If there had been reaction coming from the door, then the door must do work and use energy to it. There is no energy of reaction and no work-done by the door. The action of the burglar forced mechanical energy into the door´s molecules and squeezed the molecules, caused a bend in the door, broke some molecular bondages making some noise and a bit must escape as heat. In the squeezing of the molecules and in the bend some energy had been temporarily stored as potential energy. And when the door was opened by Anton the bend in the door as well as the squeezed molecules straightened themselves. Most of the stored potential energy was used to get back to the original position.
After the door was unlocked and burglar´s push opened the door and by the further push the energy storage shifted form the initial and much energy got stored also in the chain. In addition the supply of energy has doubled due to Anton´s reacting push. The door was in equilibrium due to the two forces one by the burglar and the second by Anton. When supply of energy got doubled, the molecules were more than satiated and the storage of energy passed its limit. And the door broke.
As the door broke the energy of the muscles had a free outlet on the door´s side and Anton got thrown towards the burglar with the charged energy in his body from top. The burglar being short got thrown towards Anton´s bowels. And the legs were empty of energy and stopped gripping the ground.
“In an action the acting body forces energy into the acted upon body. The acted upon body does not react. The coming energy get stored in the molecules up to a certain limit. When the supply exceeds the limit either the acted upon body begins to move or the molecular structure brakes or both.”

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