Utilization Of Instructional Media As A Technique In Improving The Science Performance of Sophomore Students of the National Teachers College  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Master of Arts
Institution / University: The National Teachers College, Philippines
Published in: 2006

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This study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of using instructional media as a technique in improving the science performance of sophomore students of The National Teachers College.

The experimental method of study specifically the Pretest-Posttest Pattern Design by Campbell and Stanley was used to determine the significance of integrating instructional media in everyday lessons of Science and Technology II. The subjects were grouped into two, the experimental and the control group, properly selected and equated based upon their age, gender and mental ability. After equating, pretest was administered to the two groups.

Although both dealt with the same subject matter, references and objectives of the lesson, the control group was restricted only in grasping basic science concepts through the utilization of conventional or traditional method of teaching. On the other hand, the experimental group was exposed to various instructional media teaching aids such as educational video, overhead projector, LCD, carousel or slide projector and even electronic encyclopedia, online activities and quizzes directly from computer. After consuming the allotted time and covering the entire lesson to be discussed, both groups underwent final evaluation through the posttest. The results were compared to assess the goal of the study.

It was revealed that the exposure of the students to various instructional materials contributed to the conclusion that there was a significant change in the performance of the experimental group compared with the control group.

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