Action Of Pulling A Weight  

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(Authour Hamsen B Paramahamsa) 16-11 2014 snb1898@gmail.com

The Action of Pulling a weight
(The displacement is not reaction. But complete of sharing the momentum in the system)

A is a maschine that pulls B on a imaginary friction free surface and frictionless wheels

Perfect not flexible rope (imaginary)

The weight A is a maschine that pulls the heavier weight of 100 kg with a rope. The weight of A including the pulling motor is 10 kg. When the motor begins to wind the rope the bodies A and B begin to move. They move towards one another. The body A moves much longer distance than the body B. The displacement of A is ten times more than that of the B because the mass is ten times less.
In this action of pulling the weight the energy is brought in by the maschine A. It spreads in the rope and two bodies with justice. Which means each molecule has the same amount like in Hydrostatics.
When the pull begins the energy is continually maintained with justice that each body has the same momentum. Therefore the motion in the body B is ten times less than in A.
It is not "equal and opposite reaction" . There is no reaction in the body B because no energy is brought in by B and the energy to do the work by B is brought by the motor of A.

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Action without reaction

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