The Impact Of Sourcing On The Delivery Of Raw Material In The Bolgatanga Municipality  

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Institution / University: Atlantic International University, United States
Published in: 2014

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The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of sourcing on the delivery of raw material with focus on a Yabsco Ventures, a small fruit manufacturing enterprise in the Bolgatanga Municipality.
The following research questions were formulated to help undertake the research:
i) To identify how raw material are being sourced by Yabsco Ventures
ii) To examine the impact of sourcing on the delivery of raw materials at Yabsco Ventures in the Bolgatanga Municipality
iii) To assess the challenges as regards sourcing of raw material by Yabsco Ventures
iv) To identify solutions that can help to bring about the availability and continuous supply of raw materials to the Company
This study used a self- administered questionnaire to gather the primary data. Purposive sampling technique was employed to select 50 staff, casual workers and management of the Yabsco Ventures that constituted the sample size of the research. The field data was analyzed with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS). Descriptive statistics which involves simple percentage graphical charts and frequencies was tactically applied in data presentations.
The study found that most of the staff had a considerable working experience having worked for the company for a number of years. Yabsco Ventures produces a variety of fruit juice drinks mostly made from locally produced sources such as baoabab, tamarind, pineapple, millet and mango endowed with rich nutritional values.
Yabsco Ventures even though the company is not a big one and relies on local sourcing of raw materials, there are a number of stages that are followed before the supplies are made. According to the management and production unit of the Company, before raw materials are sourced the company undertakes market research to identify potential suppliers mainly from places where the raw materials are available and the cost moderate. The production team evaluates the cost and quality of sample raw materials supplied by the suppliers before a request for quotation of supply is made. The suppliers have to strictly adhere to the product (raw material) features otherwise the supplies are rejected.
There are immerse benefits and for that matter impact that sourcing has on the delivery of raw materials such as assurance of quality and reliability of raw materials supplied over a period of time and this leads to maintain safety stock, flexibility of raw materials delivery as well as the reduction of cost due to the bulk sourcing of raw materials, opportunity of the company to focus on its core competencies or functionalities as well better management, promotes superior customer service by the company in that delivery capabilities to meet customer requirements and sourcing of raw materials increases efficiency in production.
The company faces a number of challenges hindering the smooth and effective sourcing of raw material by the company include: non-availability of raw materials during certain seasons, inability of some suppliers to meet the quotas agreed, monopoly or oligopoly conditions sometimes, logistics cost and complexities and high supply risk.
Furthermore, there exist possible measures to curb the above mentioned challenges namely: mentioned include: use of multiple suppliers, effective market research by the company before the sourcing of raw materials, strengthening of supplier relationship with the company so as to ensure win-win outcomes in the sourcing of raw materials, procuring a refrigerator that could be used to store raw materials during the bumper season and used at the time there may be scarcity of the raw materials and adopting legal measures as a last.

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