Producing Humane Immunoglobuline By Backcrossing Injection  

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Published in: 2015

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Since viral diseases have no cure as talking scientific theories, whether virus vegetable or animal ,human, but it's a theory can prove wrong, according to the Hadith of the profit Muhammed "peace be upon him as meaning that " every disease medication, it could theoretically find a cure is because of that most diseases Other treatment, whether there is a vaccine, we will look quickly to the difference between serum and vaccine.,
Serum is a ready-made antibodies, or anti-toxins ready to prepare, which leads immediately after giving effect, and this will continue in force for a short period. Has been named "amssal" Serums they attend the serum of another host, and then transferred by intravenous or intramuscular injection. The Vaccine is the antigens in the form of suspension of the organism, whether alive or weakens.

The vaccines an important part of the immune-called immune negative Passive Immunity, which is used or resorted to when there was positive Active Immunity, or in the event of a pandemic, and there is sufficient time to acquire immunity, or vaccination against the pandemic was not taken before.


there are many types of vaccines, most of them attend industrial, to avoid the transfer of blood diseases, and some are being prepared in horses, Palmkrob after injection, and then extract antibodies from the plasma, and purify and packaged. May attend some of the vaccines in volunteers, after the necessary tests to ensure they are free from diseases. Is called the antibody used in the vaccines Globulin, and there are three main types which are: human, and high immunity, and intravenous.

This will be the use of beehives to produce globulin immunoglobulin or antibodies to the virus produced from the pods of the virus "host temporary"is the hives are then to draw these objects to be used as a medicine for this virus, a new theory dubbed the theory of injection reverse using the hives.


producing immuno globuline by back crossing technique

 anew techniques for humane virus cure

"Concept – Guideline of the research"

• Processing cell of bees to a strong strain under Egyptian conditions. "
• Separate objects CONTAINED virus known viruses x.
• Marking objects contained inclusion bodies by" radiant element".
• Vaccination of some eyes to the six-party numbered a beehive.
• leave the cell for a specified period of time in order to work on worker honey bees.
• Collect a sample group of honey cell and injected with the virus.
• The work of laboratory tests and specialized laboratory viruses detected by. PCR for mutations of the virus.
• record the results of mutation.
• Making experiment in replicates B and C on the experience of them exist to control "comparison. "

Parallel experiment
• Processing of an infected animal was injected with virus x in its natural state.
• Re-injection of the infected animal serum "Keep output" from cell A.
• a study of the virtual and physiological symptoms of the infected animal.
• Work experience compared to the healthy animal was injected with serum, the output of a cell numbered.
• a study of the virtual and physiological symptoms of the animal injected proper output a cell.
• The work of comparative tables to assess the status of both of the infected animal and animal sound resulting from the injection.
• To ensure that past experience can be re-again, on the animals which close to human physiology and other viruses.
• In subsequent experiments can be tested on humans to estimate the effect on volunteers"final evaluation"

Signature of Principal Investigator
Mr / Fathy Salah el-Din Muhammad Baumy.





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