Specific Ion Effect Or Hofmeister Series  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Applied Chemistry
Institution / University: Università degli studi di Firenze, Italy
Published in: 2012

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

The present study about the solubility of some potassium electrolytes in ethylene carbonate shows that the solubility of this species follows the Hofmeister series of anions.

Ethylene carbonate is a highly polar organic solvent, with high dielectric constant and high dipole moment; however, unlike water, it does not have hydrogen bonds.
The entity of solubilization - determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, in function of temperature - is specific to each type of ion, and only the electrostatic forces can not justify the observed phenomenon, because anions with same charge have very different effects on solubility.
So it is assumed an important role of dispersion forces (London, Keesom, Debye - van der Waals forces in general) in the above process.

Furthermore, the appearance of the Hofmeister series in this solvent shows that the specific ion effect is not directly connected to the presence of hydrogen bonds in the solvent.

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hofmeister series, specific ion effect, anion, ion, ethylene carbonate, potassium electrolytes, london forces, keesom forces, debye forces, van der Waals forces, hydrogen bond

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