Using Design Processes As A Tool To Enhance Entrepreneurial Globalization Of Born Global Start-ups  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: Master of Enterprise Management
Institution / University: Tongji University, School of Economics and Management, China
Published in: 2015

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

There is a clear need for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) entering new global markets to modify and improve their processes and products in order to increase their global presence. This journey requires international skills and multidisciplinary working. Design processes can enhance and accelerate the globalization and many born global firms (BGs) already utilize this resource as their key asset. The primary goal in this research was to demonstrate the value and benefits of mind-sets and design processes as a part of entrepreneurial globalization. The secondary goal was to provide, for the Finnish artificial surf wave start-up Artwave, practical implications in the form of a service path to expand the business to China markets. The entire work was carried out in the context of Western, Nordic - Asia, China relationships and the information sourced from these two regions. The research data was collected from China-Western based born global SMEs and from China based sport service providers. These semi-structured interviews provided valuable insights in order to analyse globalization processes and to later create the service concept for the surf machinery provider Artwave. The results illustrated how design processes can be used as a key resource for born global start-ups to better develop their internationalization processes while building up the businesses as a supplier for the service providers in China. In addition, the research revealed that there is a growing interest towards innovation and extreme sports and that many popular sports from the West are still only emerging in the China markets. This provides unique opportunities for new companies to explore the field as one of the first ones.

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Recreational Sport, Leisure Time, Surfing, Artificial Surfing, Entrepreneurship, User Innovation, Service Path, Design Thinking, Born Global, SMEs

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Poranen, H. (2015). Using Design Processes as a Tool to Enhance Entrepreneurial Globalization of Born Global Start-ups. Tongji University.

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