Growth Performance Of Broilers As Affected By Varying Levels Of Ground Limestone  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: BSA
Institution / University: Apayao State College, Philippines
Published in: 2015

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This study aimed to find out the effect of different levels of ground limestone to the growth of broilers. specifically, to determine the best level which could give the highest production and high profits and to know the effect of ground limestone to carcass of broilers. A total of 96 two weeks old chicks were randomly distributed to four dietary treatments using completely randomized design (CRD). The treatments were 100% commercial feeds (CF), 95% CF + 5% ground limestone (GL), 90% CF + 10% GL and 85% CF +15% (GL). Each treatment was replicated three times with 8 birds per replication. The experiment was conducted at Apayao State College San Isidro Sur, Luna, Apayao from August 15, 2007 September 25, 2007.

In terms of final weight, Birds fed with 100%CF obtained the highest final weight which is significantly higher than birds fed with 15% GL but comparable to birds fed with 5% GL and 10% GL. The results indicate that replacing CF with 15% GL significantly decreased the final weight of broilers.

In terms of feed consumption experimental birds consumed comparable amount of feed.

As to total and daily gain in weight birds fed 100% CF and 5 % GL significantly gained more weight than those birds fed with 10% and 15% ground limestone replacement. Birds fed with 100% CF and 5% GL had comparable average daily gain in weight but significantly higher than those birds fed with 10% GL and 15% GL. This means that replacing CF with 10% GL and 15% GL significantly reduce the daily gain in weight of the birds.

In terms of feed conversion efficiency Birds fed with 15% GL and 10% GL significantly consumed more feed (3.70 and 3.21 kg) to gain one kilogram body weight compared to birds fed with 5% GL and 100% CF (2.81 kg and 2.77 kg). This means that birds fed with 10% GL and 15% GL were less efficient converters of fed to meat.

As to feed cost birds fed with 15% GL obtain the highest feed cost followed by 10% GL. Birds fed with 5% GL obtained the lowest feed cost. Replacing CF with 5% GL significantly reduce the feed cost from Php 57.15 to Php 56.41. However it was observed that replacing CF with GL at higher levels significantly increase the feed cost.

Based on carcass evaluation all treatments has comparable bled weight, carcass weight, weight of the cut up parts ( Head, Shank,drumstick,breast) and weight of internal organs (Liver, heart,intestine and gizzard)

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Ground limestone, broilers, growth performance

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