Variability Of Effective-earth Radius Factor  

Abstract Category: Science
Institution / University: FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, AKURE, Nigeria
Published in: 2015

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For proper radio link design and for any location where propagation is intended, an accurate prediction of the distribution of effective earth radius factor (k-factor) is required. Traditionally, a median value of 4/3 is assumed for communication design purposes, but in reality the true k-factor values differ for different locations globally. In this study, the mean diurnal, seasonal and annual variation of effective earth radius factor (k-factor) are investigated over Akure, South Western Nigeria, for a period of five years, January 2007 to December 2011. Data from the on-going measurement of some meteorological parameters of the troposphere at the location were used for the study.

The measurements were carried out using facilities of the Communication/Atmospheric Physics Research Group of the Department of Physics, the Federal University of Technology, Akure. The results indicate that the diurnal variation of k - factor over Akure during rainy season is majorly as a result of the contribution of the dry term of the refractivity, while the diurnal variation of k – factor in the dry season showed strong dependence on the wet term of the refractivity. k-factor values were generally high during the rainy season compared to dry season where k-factor values were lower.The median value of k-factor for the five calendar years in the height range (50, 100, 150 and 200) m are: 1.49, 1.46, 1.50 and 1.47 respectively, and the propagation condition in this geographical zone is mostly super refractive.

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refractive index, troposphere, Line-of-sight radio link, refraction, K-factor

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