Nilavarai Water-wells (nilaavara Water-well)  

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Nilavarai Water Well (Nilaavara Water-well)

Nilavarai Water-well is a natural sinkhole. It is a cave or karst that has formed underground through the percolation of rain water. It is a collection of caves or karsts interconnected with natural canals, veins, cavities and pores. The connections spread far distances according to many investigations. Some in the area say that there are natural underground canal connections up to Keerimalai and even to Chavakatcheri. All the legends, though need careful investigations, could be considered to have fair validity. The region is calcareous and have much coral and other marine remnants with cavities, which provides weight to the suggestions. However, the other legends like, if one throws a lime at certain corner of the well that it travels in an underground flow and come and float in a water-well in Chavakatcheri, I fear without hurting peoples’ legends, that it remains to be fancies. But one must refrain from discarding the legend till sufficient, days taking, attempts have been brought behind.

Nilavarai Water-well. The cavity extends under the wall

The well has vast volume of water reserve. The amount could not be measured because of its spread laterally in forms of tunnels ad pores and in depths. The well is the main supplier of water and the life-artery in the region.
The well was formed due to the following natural process: in the cavities of marine fossils in the sediments water accumulated and turned to become mildly acidic with the organic spoils of corals, marine snails and others. The acidity, though mild, made the cavities to grow and turn to become huge volumes. The growing of the volumes did not stop after organic materials were decomposed. The natural dissolution took effect as the rain water flowed through them. It continues increasing in volume as long as water flow in and out prevails.

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