Most Prevalent Animal Diseases And Their Seasonal Occurrences In East Wollega Ethiopia.  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: DVM
Institution / University: Mekelle University,Ethiopia, Ethiopia
Published in: 2016

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Cross-sectional Study was Conducted aiming at determining the prevalence and Season of Occurrences of Major Livestock Diseases present in East Wollega Zone. Out of 1632 examined OIE Reports collected from 17 Woredas between January 2008 G.C untill December 2013 G.C 103 (21.78%), 102 (21.56%) ,74 (15.64%) ,44(9.3%),37(7.82%),34(7.19%),23(4.86%), 23(4.86%),14(2.96%),14(2.96),9(1.9%),9(1.9%),6(1.27%) and 4(0.85%)were found to be positive for Bovine Pasteurellosis Disease, Black Leg, Lumpy Skin Disease(LSD), Foot and mouth Disease (FMD),Contagious Bovine Pluero Pnumonia(CBPP),Anthrax (ANT), Contagious Capiraine Pluero Pnumonia, Rabies, African Horse Sickness,Sheep and Goat, Newcasttle Disease (NCD), Ovine Pasturolosis and PPR respectively using Analysis of Outbreak Report of eight Years and Laboratory Confirmation of the Disease during the study period. The prevalence of Bovine Pasturolosis and Black leg was significantly (PLivestock Production in the area of Study. This may cause National as well as international trade restriction of animal and animal products which affecting the export
earnings of the country. Thus, attention should be given both at production area as well as to
the quarantine stations.

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Infectious Diseases, East Wollega, Disease Outbreak,OIE

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Science - Most Prevalent Animal Diseases And Their Seasonal Occurrences In East Wollega Ethiopia. East Wollega Zone Map
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