Isolation And Charecterisation Of Prion Gene From Tilapia Fish. (oreochromosis Niloticus).  

Abstract Category: Science
Course / Degree: M.Sc(Biotechnology)
Institution / University: University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
Published in: 2010

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Conserved Tilapia genomic DNA was identified by gel electrophoresis and Using appropriate Primer pair and Tilapia genomic DNA, A potential prion gene was isolated by PCR and its gene determine by the size of the band result in gel electrophoresis and the amount of that Tilapia DNA was determined by spectroscopic analysis. Collected Tilapia DNA fragment was intent to inverse PCR technique to find out flanking sequence of known segment of prion gene of tilapia fish by design the appropriate Primers. The full sequence of prion gene was identified with other fish species using EMBL-EBI nucleotide blast software. This showed 96% similarity with Oreochromosis niloticus testis CDNA and 68% similarity with Gasterosteus aculeatus prion protein cDNA

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PRNP(Prion gene),PCR(Polymerace Chain Reaction),electrophoresis, Sequence

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