Applications Of Genetic Programming In Geotechnical Engineering  

Abstract Category: Architecture and Civil
Course / Degree: Ph.D.
Institution / University: Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams Uni. - Cairo - Egypt, Egypt
Published in: 2004

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

In most geotechnical problems, it is too difficult to predict the soil and structure behavior accurately, because of large variation in soil parameters and the assumption of the numerical solutions. But recently many geotechnical problems are solved using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques by presenting new solutions or developing the existing ones.
The aim of this thesis, is to apply one of the most recently developed (AI) techniques called "Genetic Programming" (GP) in geotechnical problems, trying to fined new solutions or enhancing existing ones using lhis technique. (GP) technique uses a set of field or laboratory test results to generate a simple closed form equation describes the considered phenomena. This thesis focuses on applying (GP) technique to predict
a) Uplift capacity of shallow footing, b) Liquefaction potential of soil, c) Compaction of granular soil and
d) Clean sand behavior under compressive stresses. The research results show that (GP) technique
generates very precise formulas for the first and second applications and good precision formulas for the third and forth applications.

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Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Programming, geotechnical, Uplift capacity, Liquefaction, Compaction, Sand behavior.

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Architecture and Civil - Applications Of Genetic Programming In Geotechnical Engineering phd
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