Community Service Learning in the Tourism and Travel Curriculum  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Msc. Hospitality & Tourism Management
Institution / University: Revans University, Vanuatu
Published in: 2005

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Action research was used to introduce the concept of Community Service Learning into the Tourism and Travel curriculum. Community Service Learning, also called service-learning, is a method of teaching which connects learning in class with real-world experiences by involving persons in the community.

The study employed qualitative and quantitative methods. Interviews, group discussions and observational tasks yielded information on key concepts and practices pertaining to service-learning. Survey research was used to examine the attitudinal and behavioral aspects of service-learning students.

It was found that community service learning can be successfully introduced into the curricula at The Barbados Community College Hospitality Institute. All of the teachers interviewed were of the opinion that service-learning is a viable alternative to their current method of teaching. Most students considered the service-learning program to be a challenging experience but showed a positive response to this method of learning. The Barbadian community showed keen interest and support for the students’ service-learning project.

Some concerns expressed about implementing service-learning were the facts that it is extremely time-consuming, creates added budgetary propositions for yearly projections and it can be difficult to assess.

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Teaching Methods, Service-Learning, Reflection

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Greenidge-Waithe, R. (2005). The Introduction of Community Service Learning to the Tourism and Travel Curriculum : A Case Study for the Barbados Community College Hospitality Institute. Unpublished Dissertation

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