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The Information And Communication Technology Profile Of Elementary School Teachers In Lower Apayao

Date: 18-02-2016 07:30

This study determined the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Profile of elementary teachers in Apayao. Specifically it looked into the thinking process and preparation of teachers towards ICT integration in the teaching-learning process. The study made use of exploratory descriptive research design and utilizes quantitative measures in assessing teachers thinking p ... read full abstract ››

Development And Validation Of Big Books For Grade I Mtb-mle Curriculum

Date: 16-02-2016 07:54

Elementary pupils are visual learners. They learn more if they see what is being taught to them. Hence, it is a must that a teacher provides an instructional material which caters to the needs of each pupil. This is the main reason behind the conduct of this study which particularly aims to develop a Big Book in selected Ilocano short stories as an instructional material for G ... read full abstract ››

Extent Of Information And Communication Technology (ict) Utilization In Teaching And Its Influence On Students’ Academic Performance: Basis For Program Enhancement

Date: 10-02-2016 02:55

This study wanted to investigate the extent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Utilization in teaching towards students’ academic performance among small, medium and large type of school in Public Secondary Schools in District II of the DepEd Division of Bulacan as a basis for program enhancement. Simple descriptive surve ... read full abstract ››

Experienced Advices Behind The Unprecedented Writing Service

Date: 04-02-2016 10:49

The recently performed study about thesis writing has several major objectives such as to present a general idea about student’s lettering at different universities, to outline student progress in writing across different paths and to use findings in various other researches. The research team followed a large group of students throughout their final years in different u ... read full abstract ››


Date: 25-12-2015 09:03

Now a days, we are able to see many irreligion organizations. of scientific
policies (Skepticism and agnosticism organizations… ). And there are needed many
different kind of services, process, techniques, scientific details and products for
maintain correctly the irreligion organizations of scientific policies.
Where the varlet need to know in the s ... read full abstract ››

ICT And Language Pedagogy: Issues In Evaluation Of English Language Teaching Web Sites

Date: 21-09-2015 12:33

The study investigated how English Language teachers evaluated English Language Teaching (ELT) web sites, and the challenges that they faced in this process. An Evaluation Instrument informed by a number of published evaluation criteria was developed and participating teachers used this to evaluate selected ELT web sites in the following areas: Site content, Interface design a ... read full abstract ››

Selection & Integration Of Ilocano Texts For Mother Tongue-based Multi Lingual Education

Date: 26-08-2015 08:06

Rema Bascos –Ocampo, Donalyn Manglapus, Rosario Fernandez, Lovely Casas, Jovie Ann Dugay and Annie A. Daet
Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education(MTB-MLE) is a formal or non-formal education, in which the children’s mother tongue is used in the cla ... read full abstract ››

Content & Function Word-based Assessment In English Structure Of Preservice Elementary Teachers Of Apayao State College

Date: 26-08-2015 08:00

This study was conducted to assess the content –based needs of ASC pre-service elementary teachers in English Structure. The Descriptive analysis method of research was used with questionnaire as main data-gathering tool.

The content-based needs of pre-service elementary teachers are on verbs, sentence correction and the use of pronouns. On sentence correction, t ... read full abstract ››

Development, Validation & Summative Evaluation Of Card Pairing Games For Selected Topics In Math 9

Date: 26-08-2015 07:56

This study is aimed at developing, validating and evaluating card pairing games for specific topics in Math 8. The Research and Development model ( R & D) was used. The card pairing games was validated by subject experts and experts in developing games. In evaluating the card pairing games, the Quasi-Experimental Pretest-Posttest design was used.

In the light of th ... read full abstract ››

Correlates of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Integration in Teaching Secondary School Subjects

Date: 17-08-2015 04:33

The study focused on the relationship among teachers’ characteristics, availability of computer for classroom use, and the extent of integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching secondary school subjects in the Division of Bulacan within the school year 2010 to 2011. This research sought answers to the following questions: (1) What are the ch ... read full abstract ››

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