Education Abstracts  

Correlates Of Fisherfolks' Participation In Fish Sanctuary Projects In The Municipality Of Calatrava, Romblon

Date: 15-08-2013 09:04

This study determines to correlates fisher folks\' participation in the fish sanctuary projects in the Municipality  of calatrava, Romblon. Specifically, this study aims to know the  demographic profile of the respondents in terms of age, educational attainment, house size and number of trainings attented; the level of respondents\' per ... read full abstract ››

Implementation And Compliance On The Ordinance Regulating The Operation Of Internet Café In The Municipality Of Odiongan, Romblon, Philippines

Date: 14-08-2013 10:41

This study was conducted to assess the Implementation and Compliance on the Ordinance Regulating the Operation of Internet Cafe in the Municipality of Odiongan, Romblon, Philippines. Descriptive-correlational research method was used in this study and the respondents were the users of internet cafes. The respondents were chosen by using purposive sampling. Frequency, percentag ... read full abstract ››

Teaching Methodologies Employed In The Teacher Education Programs

Date: 22-06-2013 09:24

The study focused on the teaching methodologies employed by the DEBESMSCAT instructors teaching in the TEI programs. It wanted to get the extent of preference of the Instructors and the students on the methodologies used in the teaching of General Education, Professional Education, and Field of Specialization subjects.

... read full abstract ››

The Use Of Expanded Micro Teaching Skills On Reducing Anxiety In Teaching Performwnce Of Novice Teachers

Date: 26-04-2013 07:36

Microteaching is a vehicle for development and training in Teacher Education (Andrew, 1987). The classroom transaction by teachers is quite essential and this can be improved by practicing micro teaching skills in a perfect manner. Microteaching helps teachers improve both content and methods of teaching and develop specific teaching skills such as questioning, the use of exam ... read full abstract ››

Identifying And Addressing Challenges In Quality Higher Education

Date: 30-03-2013 14:08

Effectiveness of any system, including education, depends upon both its quantity and quality aspects. Because of globalization and competition among education providers, quality has become an important issue these days. Quality education means quality of teachers, quality of learners, quality of courses, quality of planning and management, quality of infrastructure, quality of ... read full abstract ››

Process Indicators That Are Critical To The Quality Of Teacher Education Programme – An Exploratory Study

Date: 23-02-2013 18:18
The study is an attempt to explore the possibilities of arriving at a set of critical process indicators to measure the quality of secondary teacher education programme. Critical process indicators are the process indicators which would be regularly influential on the quality of teacher education programme but less in number and is intended to give almost similar results abo ... read full abstract ››

Improving Students Performance In Ecology Through Culture-based Science Pedagogy

Date: 03-12-2012 13:51

This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of utilizing an innovative approach in teaching Ecology in the first year high school students. This research was conducted in a small scale, a non-probability sampling was used to compare the effects of the intervention in two particular groups. The pre-test-post-test matching group was utilized. The whole first year population ... read full abstract ››

Learning With Confidence: The Use Of Storyboarding

Date: 10-11-2012 10:39

This research aimed to determine the effectiveness of storyboarding in the confidence of students in answering biology test. The study was conducted at the Roxas City School for Philippine Craftsmen, Roxas City, Capiz from February 01 – 25, 2012. Twenty nine students were matched-paired based on the pre-test score.

One group was considered to be the experimental ... read full abstract ››

Personality Correlates Of Burnout Among Primary And Secondary Level Teachers

Date: 18-10-2012 19:18

The phenomenon of Burnout began to emerge in the 1970’s. This construct was first explained by Herbert Freudenberg (1974) who described Burnout as a state of physical and emotional depletion that results due to work. Freudenberg provided the first definition of Burnout; however, in the 1980’s Burnout quickly became a popular topic and a number of authors wrote abou ... read full abstract ››

Teachers’ Motivation In The Higher Secondary Classrooms

Date: 06-09-2012 06:57

This paper presents some preliminary results of a larger study that investigates the teachers’ motivation in the higher secondary classrooms. According to Marilena P. and Philippou, G. (2007) motivation of teachers can be measured through Personal Expectations, Sociocultural Definition, Interpersonal Demands, Incentives, Inherent Task Characteristics, Individualized Expe ... read full abstract ››