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The Rational Number: A Study Of Its Treatment In Text Books And In The Interaction Between Teacher And Students.

Date: 14-09-2011 00:29

The mathematics plays an important role in the curricula of the basic school. It provides instruments to solve a number of problem situations for the students that they will find in their environment. This aspect is very important if we take in account that the current society develops more technological, steadily, and requires high levels of knowledge in the area of mathemati ... read full abstract ››

Effectiveness Of A Multimodal Treatment Program On Reducing Adhd And Its Effect On Academic Readiness In Primary Stage Children.

Date: 16-08-2011 17:00

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has become one of the most common childhood disruptive behavior disorders. Various approaches have been used in the treatment of ADHD. The purpose of the study was to reduce Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and study the effect on Academic readiness in a sample of school children. semi-experimental method was used. The st ... read full abstract ››

Assessment Of Public Secondary School Principals’

Date: 06-07-2011 10:54

This study  aimed at assessing the  status of management functions of the public secondary school principals in a division  in terms of the following :  (1) planning; (2) budgeting;   (3) organizing;  (4) staffing;   (5) leading ; (6) motivating  ; (7) evaluating and (8) rewarding and the status of student services in terms of ... read full abstract ››

Causal Effects Of Selected Domains On Students’ Performance In Maritime Schools Assessment Program: Structural Equation Model

Date: 15-06-2011 01:13

The Maritime School Assessment Program (MSAP) is a nationwide standard academic assessment test for regular second year students taking up Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) or Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE).  

The Misamis University, Ozamiz City, Philippines, being an institution which offers BSMT and BSMarE, has been sub ... read full abstract ››

Uses Of English Language Tests By The O-level English Language Teachers In Zanzibar In Promoting English Language Learning

Date: 12-06-2011 22:42

This study investigated how the O - level English teachers use tests in their day to day teaching of English language in schools. The main objectives of the study were:

• Identifying types of language testing used in the English language classes by the Zanzibar English language teachers.

• Assessing the effects of the English language testing prepared ... read full abstract ››

Intop as a Mnemonic Card Game in Operating Signed Numbers

Date: 30-04-2011 04:45

This study was conducted to determine the usefulness of Intop card game as used in teaching operations of integers with the freshmen students of Cabitan National High School (SY 2010-2011) as respondents.

Specifically it sought answers to the following questions:

1.      What are the performance levels in the pre-test and post-test of f ... read full abstract ››

A Sociological Analysis of Socio-Political and Economic barriers of Development in Education sector of Pakistan (A case of Southern Punjab)

Date: 23-04-2011 16:00

Abstract not provided

Post Conflict Economic Situation: A case of conflict affected female-headed HHs in Bardiya, Nepal

Date: 22-04-2011 07:39

In Nepal, conflict has affected different social groups at different scales and levels. The research aims to assess the economic activities and safety nets of conflict affected female-headed households in Bardiya district. In the study area, there was rampant effect of the decade-long state-Maoists conflict resulting into the formation of many female-headed households. As of d ... read full abstract ››

Resisting factors in the structure of education sector in Pakistan

Date: 17-04-2011 14:35

The structure of education sector is imperative in understanding the significance of education in development of country like Pakistan. The education sector of Pakistan is most neglected sector due to which it hampers the process of development. Thus the researcher has identified various barriers in the education sector of Pakistan. Many socio-political and economic barriers o ... read full abstract ››

Cultural barriers faced by the female education in Pakistan

Date: 17-04-2011 14:19

In Pakistan women have to face biasness in every walk of life. In case of education the females are deprived of quality education.  When the parents have to choose between their son or daughter education they always prefer their sons education. Moreover if the socio-economic status of the parents is low then they prefer to enroll their son in the private school and daught ... read full abstract ››

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