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Socio-political and economic barriers of devlopment in education sector of Pakistan

Date: 17-04-2011 14:02

The government of Pakistan has been constantly striving to perk up and stabilize the process of development in education sector. One of the major sectors which become the victim of negligence is education sector of Pakistan due to which Pakistan rank at 141 on HDI. Various socio-political and economic barriers cause the education sector to knock off balance. Another important ... read full abstract ››

Right To Play

Date: 04-04-2011 16:46

It is very unfortunate to note that “Play” is being denied to the children of developing countries because of the factors like wrongly conceived education policies, poverty, social customs, less importance to play in academics, attitude of teachers, parents and school administrators, urbanization, mechanization etc. and India is no exception to it. It is being obse ... read full abstract ››

The Priority Method for Korean ESL Students: Consonants and Vowels

Date: 30-03-2011 21:40

The dissertation will give an applied methodology to testing, evaluating and retraining traditional and individual phonemic error types and rates in the Korean ESL, English as a Second Language, student.  The use of data taken from segmental sound analysis from Contrastive Analysis studies is used to develop a theoretical map of error types and rates of each Korean E ... read full abstract ››

Correlation Studies Between the First and Second Semester Ratings of BSE-III Mathematics Students at Eastern Visayas State University Burauen Campus

Date: 23-03-2011 03:31

This study aimed to identify the correlation between the first and second semester ratings of BSE-III Mathematics major of the Eastern Visayas State University-Burauen.

Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:

1.    What is the profile of BSE-III students along with the following variables:

a.    Age;  ... read full abstract ››

Faculty Status, Instructional Implementation and Community Involvement of Irineo National High School: Bases for Instructional Development Plan

Date: 08-03-2011 12:58

This descriptive-evaluative study determined the status of the Faculty, Instructional Implementation and Community Involvement of Irineo Santiago National High School of Metro Dadiangas.

It utilized revised Standardized Project Sterling Silver (PSS) Self-Survey Instrument, interview guide, classroom observation guide, and questionnaire as instruments for the data gathe ... read full abstract ››

Self Esteem and Multiple Intelligences: Their Relation to Academic Performance of Children At Risk With Dyslexia

Date: 01-03-2011 15:59

Objectives: This study sought to determine the relationship between self-esteem and multiple intelligences on one hand and academic performance on the other of first year students at risk with dyslexia.

Method: This descriptive researh used correlational technique. Three questionaires were used : 1) Identifying Adult and Students With ... read full abstract ››

The Reading Competencies of the Second Year High School Students of Dipolog City Division: Basis for Strategic Reading Program

Date: 20-02-2011 12:12

Reading is an interactive process that is dynamic and constantly changing. Each new task or assignment will alter the learning process and challenge the reader to be active in her approach to the text. Comprehending those texts is crucial for academic success, yet in school, there will be little or no attention paid to the reading process or the strategy training that is so im ... read full abstract ››

Relationship among Qualifications, Experience, Gender, Professional Attitudes, and Performance of Directors of Physical Education in Administration of Sports Activities in Government Colleges

Date: 05-02-2011 04:33

The purpose of the study was to investigate the relationship of experience, qualifications, and gender with professional attitudes and performance of Directors of Physical Education working in government colleges of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Pakistan.

Seven Research questions were formulated in order to find out;

(a) is there any relationship of profe ... read full abstract ››

Correlates of academic performance of freshman students at the College of Micronesia-FSM, Pohnpei Campus

Date: 01-02-2011 11:56

The study aimed to correlate the performance of Pohnpei Campus freshman students in the College of Micronesia-Federated States of Micronesia during the fall semester 2009 to students’ socio-demographic characteristics, parents’/ guardians’ socio-demographic characteristics, and school characteristics.

The Student Survey Questionnaire gathered data fro ... read full abstract ››

Determinants of Physical Activity, Exercise, Recreational Activities or Active Sports Participation for Persons with Disabilities

Date: 12-01-2011 01:13

Marginal research exists in terms of evaluating physical activity, active recreational activities, exercise, and active sports participation among individuals with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities (e.g., intellectual, learning, cardiovascular, chronic respiratory, neuromuscular, mental disorders) are not meeting the recommended guidelines of physical activity and ex ... read full abstract ››

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