The Priority Method for Korean ESL Students: Consonants and Vowels  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Doctor of Letters in Teaching
Institution / University: St. Clements University, Trinidad and Tobago
Published in: 1998

Dissertation Abstract / Summary:

The dissertation will give an applied methodology to testing, evaluating and retraining traditional and individual phonemic error types and rates in the Korean ESL, English as a Second Language, student.  The use of data taken from segmental sound analysis from Contrastive Analysis studies is used to develop a theoretical map of error types and rates of each Korean ESL student and also allows for individual error types and rates using a language feedback system known as a 'language learning loop'. 

Dissertation Keywords/Search Tags:
Contrastive Analysis, Consonants and Vowels, Phonemic Transfer Errors

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Tice, B.S. (2007) The Priority Method for Korean ESL Students: Consonants and Vowels.  Baton Rouge: Dissertation.com. 

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