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Classroom Questioning Behavior Factors in Cambodian Vocational Training Institutions

Date: 21-11-2006 13:53

In Cambodia, Vocational Training Education (VTE) is a prime tool for the development of the country. Through it skilled workers are able to join the country’s labor force through their respective competencies. Out of School Youth (OSY) who resort to Vocational Training Institutions (VTI) as their alternative providers to knowledge and skills attainment do not come from t ... read full abstract ››

Music: An indispensable tool for the cognitive and emotional growth of the student

Date: 25-08-2006 12:11

The dissertation focuses on the role of music in the cognitive and emotional growth of the student in the secondary school. Aesthetics is playing an increasingly less important part in the school curriculum and this factor is leaving little space for the students to develop both cognitively and emotionally. Music is being treated as an extra-curricular activity, and in some ca ... read full abstract ››

Study Techniques Preferred by Science Students

Date: 13-08-2006 22:35

The aim of this study was to provide an insight of the main study techniques used by science students and the factors that affect their choice in biology and chemistry at secondary level. The ‘Study Techniques Questionnaire’ was administered to a sample of 316 students attending Form IV in Junior Lyceums, Church Schools and Independent Schools. This questionnaire i ... read full abstract ››

Locally-Funded Higher Education Institutions' Research Culture: A Proposed Model

Date: 29-04-2006 16:57

This study was conducted for a two-fold purpose: 1) To assess the research culture in three locally-funded universities in Metro Manila,Philippines, namely: University of Makati (UMak), Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasay/University of Pasay City (PLP), and University of Caloocan City (UCC); and 2) To propose a model and a program for institutional research capability-building of a ... read full abstract ››

Performance Support and Usability

Date: 08-03-2006 10:00

This study evaluated the usability of two types of performance-support interfaces that were designed using informational and experiential approaches. The experiment sought to determine whether there is a relationship between usability and the informational and experiential approaches.

The general population under study was undergraduate education major students from ... read full abstract ››

Education and Women in Ancient Greece

Date: 19-02-2006 18:48

Although today we are fairly familiar with ancient Greek culture, among the students of the Faculty of Education, little research has been carried out so far on education and women in ancient Greece. Many of the issues raised in ancient Greek times are still relevant and important. The educational system of the ancient Greeks, who lived more than 2500 years ago, has had some i ... read full abstract ››

Home Economics and Tourism Studies: A Study of the link between a curriculum subject and related careers

Date: 19-02-2006 16:35

Local studies have explored Home Economics and choice of careers (Spiteri, 1997), and examined perceptions of Maltese adolescents and adults regarding Home Economics and its related careers (Casha, 2000). Other studies, Sultana (1992, 1995) examined general perceptions and stereotypes existing towards local vocational schools. Perceptions of gender, low-ability and low-status ... read full abstract ››

An Empirical Investigation of the Association between Musical Aptitude and Foreign Language Aptitude

Date: 06-02-2006 16:21

Given the joint ubiquity of music and language, and pre-theoretic similarities between the two, it is relevant to consider the relationship between musical ability and linguistic ability, specifically in relation to second language acquisition. The specific question of musical aptitude and its relationship to foreign language aptitude is the central focus of this thesis.
... read full abstract ››

Culture(s) of Mobility: New Global Nomadism and the Influence of International Education

Date: 08-12-2005 14:48

The popularity of international work and education opportunities is growing exponentially. The occurrence of young adults who graduate from university and head to a foreign country for work or living experiences grows more and more common. They acquire an international network of contacts and may often spend several years in several different countries before settling in one c ... read full abstract ››

A Cross-Age Peer Mentoring Program

Date: 14-11-2005 19:12

The focus of this action research project is to evaluate the effects of a cross-age peer-mentoring program on at-risk students. This action research project examines how self-concept of middle school students is affected with the involvement in a cross-age peer mentoring program, Born to Mentor. This research study will take high school students that are trained in working wit ... read full abstract ››

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