Education and Women in Ancient Greece  

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Published in: 1999

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Although today we are fairly familiar with ancient Greek culture, among the students of the Faculty of Education, little research has been carried out so far on education and women in ancient Greece. Many of the issues raised in ancient Greek times are still relevant and important. The educational system of the ancient Greeks, who lived more than 2500 years ago, has had some influence on our education today. The work of women was limited to the home and the family. Those who really wanted to learn had to have money to pay the private master. In a very real sense, in our modern world those who can still pay still have an advantage over those who do not have the same opportunities. In Ancient Greece women were responsible for improving the material standards of life and for the history of mankind. Women were main contributors to that society because manual labour, which was important for the economy, was not done by citizens. Some women did work even as physicians, midwifes and nurses. Women expertised in their study of the human body because the Greek scientist never carried out practical experiments. In later periods women’s situations and opportunities for education were improving. Hellenistic Greeks used to take very little for granted. They accepted on trust only ideas that seemed quite evident, and the former idea of woman as queen of the house, and excluded from the public sphere, could also change.

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