Home Economics and Tourism Studies: A Study of the link between a curriculum subject and related careers  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Bachelor of Education (Hons)
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2005

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Local studies have explored Home Economics and choice of careers (Spiteri, 1997), and examined perceptions of Maltese adolescents and adults regarding Home Economics and its related careers (Casha, 2000). Other studies, Sultana (1992, 1995) examined general perceptions and stereotypes existing towards local vocational schools. Perceptions of gender, low-ability and low-status stereotypes resulted from these separate studies. Despite this, students still take Home Economics and aspire towards hotel and catering careers. Other local studies, including Darmanin (1991, 1997) examined factors affecting subject and career choices. Consequently, the aims of this study were to investigate the link between Home Economics and hotel and catering careers together with perceptions of the subject and these careers. The study, also examined factors influencing subject and career choices pertaining to the hotel and catering sector. A questionnaire focusing on knowledge of, and attitudes towards, the subject and related careers together with students' educational and economic background was distributed to a sample of students attending the local catering school. Interviews regarding Home Economics' relevance to the Hotel and Catering labour market, perceptions of such careers and career goals were conducted with a sample of students following the hotel and catering courses and professionals in this industry. From this study, it emerged that stereotypes resulted mostly due to lack of knowledge awareness. Also, though the gender stereotype is decreasing, it still exists in the working environment. While parents and guidance teachers influenced subject and career choices, students may still have not matched the correct subject choice to their career aspirations. It was also concluded that though Home Economics has a high-level vocational relevance, this is mostly limited to hotel and catering careers specialising in caring, food preparation and production.

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Home Economics, Vocational Careers, Tourism Studies, Attitudes towards Home Economics

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