Study Techniques Preferred by Science Students  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Bachelor in Education
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2006

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The aim of this study was to provide an insight of the main study techniques used by science students and the factors that affect their choice in biology and chemistry at secondary level. The ‘Study Techniques Questionnaire’ was administered to a sample of 316 students attending Form IV in Junior Lyceums, Church Schools and Independent Schools. This questionnaire investigated the techniques used by students when studying different science subjects, outside contributions to the development of these techniques, the students’ opinion of the effectiveness of their study techniques and the approach taken by students towards studying.

Results indicate some differences with gender in the study techniques used. Male students tend to use study techniques that involve extraction of most important points, while female students prefer to use a wider range of study techniques in their studies. Male students were found to study less than female students while non-state school students study more than state school students. The study approach adopted by students towards learning was found to affect students’ confidence and whether students remember learnt information following an examination. Male students study more by heart than female students who adopt a more strategic approach to learning. State school students were found to study more by heart, while more non-state school students adopt a strategic approach to learning.

No major differences were observed between the study techniques used in studying biology and chemistry. However, some differences in the use of study techniques were observed for different topics within the same subject, according to the nature of the topic.

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study methods, study techniques, study skills, study approach, gender differences, school differences

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Balzan, M.V. (2006), Study Techniques Preferred by Science Students. Unpublished B.Ed.(Hons) Dissertation, May 2006, Faculty of Education, University of Malta.

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