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Perceived Effectiveness of EnglishTeaching Strategies in Selected Public and Private Schools in Chonburi, Thailand

Date: 28-12-2008 15:25

This study was conducted to investigate and analyze the perceived effectiveness of English teaching strategies in students’ communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in public and private schools in Chon Buri, Thailand. The study sought to answer the research question: “Is there a significant difference in the perceptions of the public a ... read full abstract ››

Value Contexts in The Culture of Science and The Role of Egyptian Universities in Developing them for their Students

Date: 21-12-2008 10:06

Unseen contemporary global scientific and technological changes rapidly, and those changes have affected all aspects of human life, and notably the impact on the culture and identity. So has played scientific and technological revolution big role in restructuring the pattern Values of the cultures of peoples.
And it has emerged the need to clarify the moral and value cont ... read full abstract ››

Study of Essay Writing Abilities in English to Answer an Essay Question of the Fourth Year Undergraduate of English Major Students in Private Tertiary Education Institutions, Thailand

Date: 23-09-2008 07:08

The objectives of this research were to study the abilities and the problems of essay writing in English to answer an essay question of the fourth year undergraduate of English major students in private tertiary education institutions. The research focused on content presentation, language use, essay writing format, and writing components.

The sample for this resear ... read full abstract ››

Socio-Ecological Factors Influencing Food Choices and Behaviours of Maltese Primary Schoolchildren

Date: 21-08-2008 20:43

The aim of this study was to explore the various influences on the food choices and behaviours of Maltese primary schoolchildren. Using an ecological framework and following sociological theory of consumption it sought to uncover any group differences in food perceptions, beliefs, preferences and intake, as well as identify any culture-cuisine orientations of foods consumed in ... read full abstract ››

Predictors of Achievement in Performance-Based Assessment Amon Physical Science Students

Date: 30-07-2008 05:35

This study determined predictor variables for the achievement of business students in performance-based assessment in physical science at Romblon State College, Philippines. Personal, psycho-social and aptitude variables were investigated. Eighty-eight business students enrolled in physical science classes participated in this semester long investigation. Five assessment tasks ... read full abstract ››

An Analysis of Values, Attitudes and Beliefs of Male Teachers in Early Childhood Education: A Basis for Developing Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Date: 17-06-2007 13:58

This study was designed to examine female perceptions of the perceived barriers to men entering or remaining in early childhood education by closely looking at their attitudes, values and beliefs on the subject, as well as to suggest new recruitment and retention strategies of men in the early childhood profession. The study included female teachers in early childhood classroo ... read full abstract ››

Financial Aid Policies, Practices and Procedures at Texas Public Colleges and Universities

Date: 13-05-2007 08:22

The economic success of the state of Texas is dependent upon future market participants having access to higher education. The ability of Texas citizens to access higher education is dependent upon access to financial aid resources to pay for higher education. Much is known about the impact of particular financial aid outcomes on access and persistence in higher education. How ... read full abstract ››

Observational Science Process Skills of Third Year High

Date: 26-04-2007 13:32

The study sought to answer the following questions:
1. What are the observational science process skills of the third year high school students?
2. In what observational science process skill(s) do the students should acquire and develop?
3. Based on the findings of the study, what science activities or strategies can be proposed to practice and develop the scie ... read full abstract ››

The Study of Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management in Large Class: Success, Problems, and Solutions

Date: 24-03-2007 11:20

The study was aimed at exploring the success and problems of the activities which consisted of teaching strategies and classroom management in a large class.

The subjects were 65 first year students of Sripatum University. The experiment lasted twelve 50 minute periods (3 weeks). The instruments used in the study were the student Attitude Questionnaires, and the Stu ... read full abstract ››

Follow-up Study of the Graduates from the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sripatum University, Thailand in 1999 Academic Year

Date: 24-03-2007 10:55

This institutional research was conducted with four main purposes: to study employment conditions of the 1999 Sripatum University graduates; the ways they obtained their present employment; their opinions about their work; and to study their satisfaction with the faculty, teaching methodology, curriculum, and the programs and the services of Sripatum University.

Of ... read full abstract ››

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