Follow-up Study of the Graduates from the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sripatum University, Thailand in 1999 Academic Year  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Education
Institution / University: Sripatum University, Thailand
Published in: 2001

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

This institutional research was conducted with four main purposes: to study employment conditions of the 1999 Sripatum University graduates; the ways they obtained their present employment; their opinions about their work; and to study their satisfaction with the faculty, teaching methodology, curriculum, and the programs and the services of Sripatum University.

Of 225 samples obtained, 206 were female and 19 were male graduates. The instrument for data collecting was a comprehensive questionnaire developed by the researchers. The questionnaires were distributed directly to the graduates while they were registering for the graduation commencement on 27 December 2000. The percentage of the returned questionnaire was one hundred.

The data were analyzed by using percentage and arithmetic means. The opinion data were compared based on the standard scale of John Best.

The research findings were as follows:
1. 158 of 225 graduates, or 70.22 percent, were employed. The biggest group were those majoring in English Business Communication, followed by Industrial Service, Secretarial Science, and Hotel and Tourism Studies majors respectively.
2. 67 of 158 graduates or 42.41 percent obtained employment through reading newspapers and classified advertisements. Others gained employment through queries from friends and relatives, or from information via the Internet.
3. The employed graduates rated the appropriateness of their working conditions as high. They found that the Liberal Arts Faculty’s Internship Program had had impact on their work performance after graduation.
4. The graduates rated the overall Faculty programs and instruction as “moderate”. They were highly satisfied with being Liberal Arts graduates and were least satisfied in the performance of the University Registrar’s Office.

From this research, the following recommendations were given:
1. Follow-up studies of the graduates should be conducted continuously in order to obtain the information regarding their employment conditions, as well as their work progress. The study should include the employers’ opinions also.
2. The study of working conditions should be conducted in accordance with the three majors, so that related weaknesses can be used for further improvement.
3. There should be more studies in the areas that were rated as “moderate” or those rated with “least satisfaction”, so that improvements can be made.

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Follow-up Study, Graduates

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Thitthongkam, T. A Follow-up Study of the Graduates from the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sripatum University, Thailand in 1999 Academic Year. Bangkok: Sripatum University, 2001

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