Predictors of Achievement in Performance-Based Assessment Amon Physical Science Students  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Master of Arts in Science Education
Institution / University: Philippine Normal University, Philippines
Published in: 2008

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

This study determined predictor variables for the achievement of business students in performance-based assessment in physical science at Romblon State College, Philippines. Personal, psycho-social and aptitude variables were investigated. Eighty-eight business students enrolled in physical science classes participated in this semester long investigation. Five assessment tasks representative of the major components of the course were performed by the students throughout the first semester of 2005-2006. Their works were evaluated by the teacher and by themselves using common rubrics. Their joint ratings formed the student achievement.

Almost 98% of the respondents were scientific-minded. This follows an expectation that they could carefully, correctly and systematically accomplish the assessment tasks.

While business students got the confidence to perform the five tasks because most have self-concept that ranged from average to very high (77.3%), there were respondents with low self-concept (20%). This might be due to lack of exposure to various activities that would enhance their self-image, confidence and esteem.

Most of the respondents were prepared to carry out mental processes which the tasks demand. This is denoted by the fact that 75% of them have an average mental ability. This is further backed by their admission test scores where 85.2% performed well, particularly in the science section of the test where 95.4% did better.

Majority of the students (51.1%) were visual learners. They learned best when they were given hand-outs or shown visual materials. This could be attributed to the instructional culture in the institute where most of the students were conditioned to chalk and board teaching.

The study supported the idea of Gardner that everyone has a distinct intelligence and each exists in various levels. In this study, 44.3% of the respondents had more than one dominant intelligence.

Students showed average performance in doing all the five assessment tasks. On the science project task, there were more students who performed well (95.5%). This indicated that in performance-based assessment students performed better because they knew what matters in the evaluation of their works. This was also true in the two tasks where they prepared posters. However, in the other two tasks where they were asked to analyze information and generate ideas, only 14.8% performed at a higher level. It was observed that most of the respondents have difficulty in foreign language facility. This constrained them from expressing their thoughts effectively. Heterogeneity of the classes was also one of the factors observed that influenced to some degree their achievement in performing the five tasks.

The considered factors successfully explained 32.7% of the variance in student achievement. Among the factors considered, the following variables significantly predicted student achievement: scientific attitude, self-concept, tactile learning style and admission test. These findings imply that scientific attitude should be continually nurtured and developed among college students not only in pure science courses but also in other disciplines. In the world powered by science and technology having scientific attitude is one of the weapons to cope and survive.

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performance assessment, rubrics, physical science, alternative assessment, correlates of achievement

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Fetalvero, E. G. (2006). Predictors of Achievement in Performance-Based Assessment Among Physical Science Students.Unpublished Master's Thesis. Philippine Normal University

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