An Analysis of Values, Attitudes and Beliefs of Male Teachers in Early Childhood Education: A Basis for Developing Recruitment and Retention Strategies  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: M.Ed in Educational Administration
Institution / University: St. Theresa INTI College, Thailand
Published in: 2007

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

This study was designed to examine female perceptions of the perceived barriers to men entering or remaining in early childhood education by closely looking at their attitudes, values and beliefs on the subject, as well as to suggest new recruitment and retention strategies of men in the early childhood profession. The study included female teachers in early childhood classrooms in Keera-pat International School; Rasami International School; Ruamrudee International School and Trinity International School all located in Bangkok, Thailand. The literature review includes research regarding male teachers in the early childhood profession. Questions addressed in this study include: why men choose early childhood education as a career; what effect male educators have or don’t have on the career choice of males choosing a possible career in early childhood education; and the influence salary has on males choosing to enter or remain in the profession. A brief discussion of the quantitative methodology in which a 5-point scale was implemented in obtaining the survey data, as well as the findings of the data analysis is included. This study utilized the descriptive method of research employing the techniques of documentary analysis, unstructured interviews and questionnaires. The data gathered from the respondents was recorded, classified, tabulated and interpreted by the researcher using the following statistical tools contained in a computer software package in Microsoft: percentage, weighted mean and T test. Recommendations such as actively working towards making teaching young children a respectable career choice for men are also provided.

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Early Childhood Education, Preschool Teachers, Early Childhood, Perceptions of Male Teachers, teaching in ECE, Female Childhood, Recruitment, Retention Strategies of Males

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