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Determinants of Research Dissemination and Utilization in State Higher Education Institutions in Region IV, Philippines

Date: 20-06-2010 07:04

The study focused on the determinants that determine research dissemination and utilization in State Higher Education Institutions in Region IV, Philippines. The needed data were collected using the survey questionnaire. The statistical tools such as weighted mean, standard deviation, frequency counts, percentage, ranks, and stepwise multiple regression analysis were used in t ... read full abstract ››

Predictors of research capability as to research management and research process of state higher education institutions in Region IV, Philippines

Date: 20-06-2010 06:55

The study sought to describe and interpret the predictors of research capability as to research management and research process of state higher education institutions in Region IV. Specifically, this study aimed

(1) to describe the significant influence of the following institutional research program factors such as research vision-mission, goals and objectives, polici ... read full abstract ››

On “Yes, We Can”: Linguistic power and possibility

Date: 11-06-2010 04:08

Yes We Can: Analysis of Obama\'s Buzz Phrase Krishna K Bista Troy University E-mail: kbista1@hotmail.com Published in 2009 from the Journal of English for Specific Purposes In this article I address a hitherto used buzz phrase in English, “Yes, we can.” This phrase represents various forms of meanings—challenge, possibility, ability, permission and opportunit ... read full abstract ››

An Application of Cooperative Learning to Teach English as a Second Language in Nepal

Date: 11-06-2010 04:04

In this study, the researcher has made an attempt to study and analyze some of the major difficulties of teaching English in the university setting in Nepal and will recommend appropriate learning techniques—the cooperative learning to teach English as second or foreign language and its effectiveness in English as second language learning. The cases of language learning ... read full abstract ››

Developing a community of practice for trainers: Towards a culture of conscience in clinical research

Date: 05-04-2010 18:50

This developmental research study concerned how trainers, drawn mainly from the commercial (pharmaceutical) sector of the field of clinical research, shared understandings of practice in a professionally localised community, as part of their continuing professional development. Trainers in this community had a heterogeneous range of identities including full-time and part-time ... read full abstract ››

Development reading skill through the use of real-life reading activities

Date: 02-04-2010 15:18

The project was conducted with the sample purposive random sampling 23 students studying in 7th-Grade at MuangChumpornwittaya High School Nacha-aung Sub-district Muang District Chumporn Province, Thailand The study was carried out for 18 periods in the second semester of 2007 academic year. The findings were 1)the real-life reading text designed by the researcher for developin ... read full abstract ››

Using Authentic Materials to Develop Mathayomsuksa IV Students' English Reading Comprehension

Date: 31-03-2010 05:34

The purpose of this study was to develop Mathayomsuksa IV students\' ability in English reading comprehension by using authentic materials. The sample purposive random sampling was 21 students studying in grade 10 at Thakhamwittaya High School in Thasae District Chumporn Province, Thailand. The study was carried out for 30 periods in the 1st semester of 2007 academic year. The ... read full abstract ››

Learning Strategies for Ninth-Grade Students for Comprehension of Reading Text Material

Date: 02-03-2009 09:06

The purpose of this applied dissertation was to show improved reading comprehension by high school students through the use of reading strategies in English classes. An analysis of 3 years of state-standardized tests given in reading to all 11th graders as a graduation requirement indicated that there was a continuous decline in the average reading scores of students in the Ea ... read full abstract ››

An Exploratory Study on Teaching Effectiveness and Research Productivity in Higher Technical Education Institutions in India

Date: 12-02-2009 14:50

Mixed method approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies, was adopted in the research work. Teaching effectiveness (TE) was measured through parameters, such as: teaching effort; students' rating of teaching, placement rates and value-added index. Research productivity (RP) was measured through number of papers published, research intensiveness. Further, the ... read full abstract ››

The impact of type of school on biology students at secondary level in Khanewal district

Date: 06-02-2009 23:30

The purpose of the study was to explore the impact of type of school on the achievement of students in Biology at secondary level in Khanewal district. For this purpose 08 English medium and 08 Urdu medium comprising 04 boys and 04 girls secondary schools were selected as a sample through random sampling technique. The total sample comprised 401 9th class Biology students. A m ... read full abstract ››

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