Using Authentic Materials to Develop Mathayomsuksa IV Students' English Reading Comprehension  

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Institution / University: Thakhamwittaya High School, Thailand
Published in: 2009

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The purpose of this study was to develop Mathayomsuksa IV students' ability in English reading comprehension by using authentic materials. The sample purposive random sampling was 21 students studying in grade 10 at Thakhamwittaya High School in Thasae District Chumporn Province, Thailand. The study was carried out for 30 periods in the 1st semester of 2007 academic year. The experimental design was one group pre-test and post-test. The instruments used in the study were 1)lesson plans 2)the 30-itemed English reading comprehension achievement test 3)the students'satisfaction questionnaire. The data were statistically analyzed by mean and T-test Dependent Sample. The result of this study revealed that 1)after using authentic materials,the students'English reading ability significantly increased at the .05 level 2) the students were highly satisfied with using authentic materials for English reading comprehension.

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authentic materials, English reading comprehension

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