Development reading skill through the use of real-life reading activities  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: extra specialist
Institution / University: MuangChumporn High School, Thailand
Published in: 2007

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The project was conducted with the sample purposive random sampling 23 students studying in 7th-Grade at MuangChumpornwittaya High School Nacha-aung Sub-district Muang District Chumporn Province, Thailand The study was carried out for 18 periods in the second semester of 2007 academic year. The findings were 1)the real-life reading text designed by the researcher for developing the ability of reading for gist is effective 81.96/84.92 as criteria E1/E2 80/80 2) the effectiveness index 0f the real-life reading text equals 0.8502 it showed that after studying the scores increased 85.02 %. 3) the achievement test after studying is significant at 0.01 . 4) the students were satisfied with the real-life reading text at good level.

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English reading skill,Reading for gist,Teaching Reading English

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