On “Yes, We Can”: Linguistic power and possibility  

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Institution / University: Troy University, United States
Published in: 2009

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Yes We Can: Analysis of Obama's Buzz Phrase Krishna K Bista Troy University E-mail: kbista1@hotmail.com Published in 2009 from the Journal of English for Specific Purposes In this article I address a hitherto used buzz phrase in English, “Yes, we can.” This phrase represents various forms of meanings—challenge, possibility, ability, permission and opportunity in social, political and linguistics domains. I consider the syntactic and the semantic properties of “Yes, we can.” I also compare its conventional usages with more recent treatments. The catch phrase “Yes, we can” has standard usage in sports, music, language, literature and politics. Candidate Obama elevated it as a slogan in his presidential campaign.

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Yes We Can, Obama's Buzz Phrase, speech of American president

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Bista, Krishna. (2009). On “Yes, We Can”: Linguistic power and possibility. Journal of English for Specific Purpose. 3(24). www.world.info/Articles_24/issue_24.htm

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