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The Effects of Self-Regulated Training on the Academic Achievement and Behavior of At-Risk High School Students

Date: 04-01-2011 01:07

This dissertation investigated the effects of self-regulated training on the academic achievement and behavior of at risk students. The results of this study suggest that it is possible to curtail maladaptive behavior patterns early if we help students overcome their frustrations and failure within the school setting. The findings of this study support other research suggestin ... read full abstract ››

How good teachers make the Learning Evaluation of their students

Date: 28-12-2010 14:09

The object of the study was the knowledge of the teachers` learning  Evaluation in High Education. The main objective was know how teachers who were well evaluated by students made the learning evaluation.

The investigation took place in Education and Dental courses of Universi ... read full abstract ››

Yes We Can: Analysis of Obama's Buzz Phrase

Date: 20-12-2010 04:26

In this article I address a hitherto used buzz phrase in English, “Yes, we can.” This phrase represents various forms of meanings—challenge, possibility, ability, permission and opportunity in social, political and linguistics domains. I consider the syntactic and the semantic properties of “Yes, we can.” I also compare its conventional usage ... read full abstract ››

Age as an Affective Factor in Second Language Acquisition

Date: 20-12-2010 04:20

This paper examines the relationship of age factor to second language acquisition. Age as an affective factor brings about different performance stages in second as well as first language learning. Traditionally, research in Critical Period Hypothesis and other variables has derived two major aspects of language learning--the younger = the better and the older = the bette ... read full abstract ››

An Application of Cooperative Learning to Teach English as a Second Language in Nepal

Date: 20-12-2010 03:49

In this study, the researcher has made an attempt to study and analyze some of the major difficulties of teaching English in the university setting in Nepal and will recommend appropriate learning techniques—the cooperative learning to teach English as second or foreign language and its effectiveness in English as second language learning.

The cases of l ... read full abstract ››

Factors of Code Switching among Bilingual English Students In the University Classroom

Date: 20-12-2010 03:45

This study proposes to identify and evaluate the factors that affect code switching in the university classroom among 15 bilingual international students. The findings from the study conducted in a southern American university revealed that the primary factor of code switching in international classroom is incompetence in the second language. Other  noted factors wer ... read full abstract ››

Substance abuse among secomdary school students in Nairobi -Kenya. Implications for specialized interventions

Date: 20-12-2010 00:18

Substance abuse has become a major challenge in secondary schools in Kenya. A study carried out in Kenya observed that 20% of adolescents aged between 12 and 22 years smoke cigarettes, 9% smoke bhang while 23% drink commercial beer and spirits. This is the age in which most youths are in schools and colleges. The aim of this study was to find out the incidence and extent of dr ... read full abstract ››

Impact of Academic Motivation and Perceptions of Classroom Climate on Academic Achievement

Date: 12-12-2010 11:39

The present investigation was an attempt to determine the impact of Academic Motivation and Perceptions of Classroom Climate on Academic Achievement. Various studies were reviewed both related to Indian and foreign and comprises of Academic Motivation, Academic Achievement, Classroom Climate and different combinations of them. Descriptive Survey method has been used in this st ... read full abstract ››

Correlates of Academic Performance of Freshman Students at the College of Micronesia-FSM, Pohnpei Campus

Date: 06-12-2010 10:48

The Student Survey Questionnaire gathered data from 98 respondents. Secondary data were also obtained. The Grade Point Average (GPA) at the end of the fall semester 2009 was used as the measure of academic performance. Descriptive statistics such as mean, frequency, percentage, standard deviation, and Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation were used to analyze the data.

... read full abstract ››

Experienced Based Instruction and Gifted Children

Date: 02-12-2010 16:21

In this experimental study, 30 gifted students from five different govt. higher secondary schools in virudhunagar district in tamilnadu.They were divided into two groups named as control group and experimental group respectively.They were administered into a pretest to know their  previous knowledge about the content which was selected for this study.The eighth stand ... read full abstract ››

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