Experienced Based Instruction and Gifted Children  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Paper presented at an Inter Diet Seminar in Tamilnadu
Institution / University: DIET, India
Published in: 2004

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In this experimental study, 30 gifted students from five different govt. higher secondary schools in virudhunagar district in tamilnadu.They were divided into two groups named as control group and experimental group respectively.They were administered into a pretest to know their  previous knowledge about the content which was selected for this study.The eighth standrad science concepts taught by teacher using conventional method for control group and experiential mode of activities given for the experimental group.The achievement test was conducted after teaching immediately and after a month gap also test was conducted.On the basis of analysis, which showed that EBI slightly differ the gifted children in learning science concepts in experimental group rather than the traditional method.but EBI helps the gifted children to masterize in learning science concepts.

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