How good teachers make the Learning Evaluation of their students  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Master in Education
Institution / University: Universidade Federal de Goias, Brazil
Published in: 2007

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The object of the study was the knowledge of the teachers` learning  Evaluation in High Education. The main objective was know how teachers who were well evaluated by students made the learning evaluation.

The investigation took place in Education and Dental courses of University Center of Anapolis, in Anapolis, Goias, Brazil, in 2007. The direct contact with the investigated situation was necessary, so, the approach choosed was a qualitative approach with basis in Ethhnography.

The research was structured into four chapters.

The first chapter presents the theoretical basis about Evaluation of High Education, Good teaches in High Education and Learning Evaluation. The second chapter tells about how theresearch was made. In the third chapter is presented and analyzed theevaluation made by teachers. The fourth chapter is a conclusion about the study.

The results of this work showed that the learning evaluation practiced by teachers in those courses is in one hand, in Dental course, the conception of evaluation as a measure of learning. In this conception there is the use of different ways of evaluating the student, however, this practice, does not mean the conception of a formative evaluation. Though, these teachers show in their speeches that a new approach to evaluation is necessary, their actions showed that it is not happen in classroom practice at all. In other hand, In the Education course, it is possible find an evaluation that is portrayed as a promotional practice of the student. It shows to be an inclusive practice, in order to relate to the student and the Knowledge. It is a formative, continued and systemic practice of evaluation. It is an evaluation that makes possible for the students relate theory and practice. It is an evaluation that helps  the student how to learn.

In this way, the conclusion is that, the evaluation that is made by these teachers is in the context of advances and reverses, of contradictions of what they live and and what they speak. There are desires for changings, and the teachers recognize that evaluation is a hard and complex practice. On the other hand they want to advances, but it seems they don’t know how to do that. At least, there is a courage in some of them to make the changings happen.

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High Education, Learning Evaluation, Good Teachers

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