Socio-political and economic barriers of devlopment in education sector of Pakistan  

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Course / Degree: M-phil Sociology
Institution / University: Bahauddin Zakariya Univerisity, Pakistan
Published in: 2011

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The government of Pakistan has been constantly striving to perk up and stabilize the process of development in education sector. One of the major sectors which become the victim of negligence is education sector of Pakistan due to which Pakistan rank at 141 on HDI. Various socio-political and economic barriers cause the education sector to knock off balance. Another important factor is the failure of education policies in Pakistan. Education plays a massive role in the development of any country but in the case of Pakistan various constraining factors concerning education turn out to be the foremost obstacle in the development of education sector. 

The education sector of Pakistan is facing many challenges and they incorporate the underinvestment in education sector, lack of accountability, lack of potential for resource mobilization, high drop out rates, teachers and students absenteeism, availability and accessibility of low cost and low quality education, absence of formal criterion for funds allocation at school level, weak policy framework of the government, gender discrimination, rural urban gap, shortage of teachers, teachers and students absenteeism and inadequate attention of teachers to the students. At the micro level poverty in the households divests the children from schooling while at the macro level poverty restricts the government to allocate the resources in the education sector of Pakistan. Government does not play a vital role in the equality of education provision. Despite this fact  wealthier households depend upon the private and the poor households depend upon the public provision of education. The resource gap between the public and the private schools boosts day by day. Other barriers are also important like low share of GDP accounted for public revenue, low proportion of the revenue allocation to education and low share of the education budget to basic education.

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socio, political, and economic barriers of devlopment in education sector of Pakistan

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