Faculty Status, Instructional Implementation and Community Involvement of Irineo National High School: Bases for Instructional Development Plan  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Ph.D. in Education
Institution / University: Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, Philippines
Published in: 2011

Dissertation Abstract / Summary:

This descriptive-evaluative study determined the status of the Faculty, Instructional Implementation and Community Involvement of Irineo Santiago National High School of Metro Dadiangas.

It utilized revised Standardized Project Sterling Silver (PSS) Self-Survey Instrument, interview guide, classroom observation guide, and questionnaire as instruments for the data gathering. The respondents of the study involved teachers, head teachers, master teachers, and parents. Statistical tools used were the percentage, ranking, mean and weighted mean.         

Results of the study revealed that a greater number of the teachers are educationally qualified and concerned with their professional growth. For the teaching experience and length of service, the results indicate that the teachers are relatively not new in the service; while for the teaching assignment and load, majority of the teachers teach the regular load and that only five (5) teachers are under loaded due to some health problems special functions.

The results also showed that the overall teaching performance of the teachers for School Years 2004–2005 and 2005–2006 is Very Satisfactory as based on the Performance Appraisal System for Teachers (PAST). However, based on the Teaching-Learning Observation Chart (TLOC), the teachers’ performances are rated as Satisfactory. The findings further revealed that the Instructional Goals and Objectives were implemented on a Low Extent while the implementation of Curriculum Plan of the school indicated a rating of Moderate Extent. Furthermore, the data revealed that nobody from this institution has conducted an action research which is a potent tool in improving the different programs of a school. It was also disclosed that the extent of implementation of the school’s supervision of instruction was generally Moderate. For the implementation of the instructional strategies, generally, the teachers had Moderately employed strategies that address the different learning styles of the students. On the contrary, the school has a Poor Extent in the evaluation of students’ learning.

With regards to the extent of the school’s community involvement, the result of the study showed that the overall extent of the school’s community involvement is High as demonstrated by the overall weighted mean of 3.74.These findings made way for an Instructional Development Plan for Irineo Santiago National High School, for the school’s operations and performance’ improvement.

Based on the findings, it is highly recommended that the Instructional Development Plan as proposed by this study be considered and implemented. Subsequent to the complete implementation of this proposed instructional development plan, the school is encouraged to submit an application for a voluntary accreditation in Project Sterling Silver.

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Faculty Status, Instructional Implementation, Community Involvement, Instructional Development Plan

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