Subject Mining advance Artificial Intelligence algorithm  

Abstract Category: I.T.
Course / Degree: Artificial Intelligence
Institution / University: Oxford University, Hamilton University, United Kingdom
Published in: 2000

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Subject mining will be the corner stone of search engines in the 21st Century. With the constant growth of data stores and the availability of technologies to the masses, it has become apparent that the best methods to conduct searches and return complex patterns is thru the usage of a new method of data extraction which I call Subject Mining.

Data mining has become a very important concept today and is used by companies all over the world to increase their profits and target the right market. However, ‘Data Mining’ has evident limitation on how the data is formatted and return to the end user. The paper talks about the different aspects of Subject Mining as a new wave of technology. It also looks at data mining, and the tools which are currently used and how the will migrate and eventually affect future trends in data and subject mining.

Data mining benefits are discussed in detail, however the primary focus of this paper is to unveil a new way of looking at data structure the entire discussion is related to the trends in subject mining which is presented in the following manner. 1-Background 2-Introduction 3-Data Mining History 4-Subject Mining Concepts 5-Subject Mining growth and Tools 6- The Subject Mining Process 7- Subject Mining Market Place Trends 8- The Data in Subject Mining and Meta Data 9-Types of Subject Mining Problems 10- Privacy and Ethical Sensitivity in Subject Mining Results 11- Future Prospects of Subject Mining 12-Works Cited

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Subject Mining

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