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Smartphone Usage And Self-directed Learning Activities At Mount Kenya University Kigali Rwanda

Date: 10-11-2016 11:13

Different studies have proven that usage of smartphones at higher learning institution in different countries have positively affected the learning activities. According to available literature, very few studies have been carried out, if any to find out the effect of smartphone usage on self-directed learning activities in Rwanda. The research problem was to assess how usage o ... read full abstract ››

Introducing The New Process For The News Reporters Become The Fans Holders

Date: 31-08-2016 17:57

The news reporters . Who inform the news as journalists. But nowadays, some bodies(some audience) do not have interest in the some journalist persons(some news reporters) to know the news by them. Nowadays , the some news reporters who are not attraction and they do not exhibit attractively themselves to the peoples and audience. Today , several fans and peoples are not able t ... read full abstract ››

This Is The Practical Activities To Imparts The Rules Of The Sports To The Viewers To Enable Them To Enjoy The Sport In A Jocund Mood While The Sport Is Being Telecasted Or Broad Casted By The Directo

Date: 17-08-2016 20:50

If any sports meet to be held for commercial purpose at any stadium or any other places in order to view and enjoy the sports directly by the person who interested on the sports or if any audio program of sports broad casted for the commercial purpose having attracted the people to listen the broad cast for the purpose of listen and concentrate in their advertisement while the ... read full abstract ››

Computer Assisted Language Teaching: Learning Without Dust

Date: 17-04-2015 06:02

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) is one of the many tools and techniques that can help improve the students’ language competencies. This new technology in language education has increased learner autonomy, creativity, productivity and team work. This has been used to tutor language learners through language drills or skills practice; as stimulus for discussion ... read full abstract ››

Ssd -secure Steganography For Digital Images

Date: 14-08-2014 13:12

Innovation in information and communication technology field has necessitated, more than ever before, the need to confine significant information within trusted parties as failure to this creates mayhem thereby inflicting irreparable damages that may impede the privacy of an individual (at personal level) as well as that of a Nation at socio-economic front. Suicidal acts due t ... read full abstract ››

The Level Of Awareness In The Importance Of Data Security In Business

Date: 15-12-2013 04:25

In this research study, the researchers measure the level of awareness of the respondents in terms of handling business data on how they are knowledgeable in terms of the security of the business data.

They also determined the level of awareness of the respondents on ... read full abstract ››

An Approach For Web Data Extraction Based On Similarity Of Templates

Date: 05-09-2013 10:55

Large amounts of data are available in a large collection of documents from Heterogeneous web pages. Web data extraction has been an important part for many Web data analysis applications. In this thesis, we formulate the data extraction problem based on structured data and tree templates. We propose an unsupervised, page-level data extraction approach to deduce the templates ... read full abstract ››

Development Of Official Website For The Department Of Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engineering (apece)

Date: 15-03-2013 18:53

An official website is the repository of all relevant information of any department that helps to keep up to date with the modern scientific world, focuses the activities and achievements of a department. This paper describes a live project carried out towards the development of an offic ... read full abstract ››

Transform Operator Random Generator Delimiter Based Encryption Standard

Date: 07-01-2013 15:47
The selective application of technology and related procedural safeguard is an important responsibility for cryptographic algorithm to its electronic data systems. This work specifies the functionality of TORDES from encryption and decryption to protect the sensitive unclassified data. TORDES is made available within the context of a total security program consisting of phys ... read full abstract ››

Android Operating System In Modern Technology

Date: 25-10-2012 06:55
This paper discusses about methodologies, techniques and technologies used for developing Android
operating system. It describes the architecture of Android. Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Android is a Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers