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Fire Studio : Real-time 3D Simulation for Fire Safety Engineering

Date: 22-06-2004 18:52

With the introduction of the new Occupational Health and Safety Authority Act, which came into effect in 2003, the need for assessing a building’s reaction to internal fire outbreaks now not only takes on a moral obligation, but also a legal one. This dissertation document describes a software package developed by the present author, the aim of which is to help an indivi ... read full abstract ››

The Transforming Power of Business-to-Business Electronic Business

Date: 21-01-2004 17:50

The goals of this chapter are:
·Introducing B2B e-Business and its relevance for economic development.
·Presenting the major areas addressed in this paper.
·Presenting the major objectives of this paper.
·Presenting the major limitations for research and discussion.
_________________________________________________________ ... read full abstract ››

The Role of Information Technology Management

Date: 22-10-2003 19:37

For the vast majority of companies, having well-defined visions and mission statements changes nothing. The exercise of crafting them is a complete waste of time and talent if visions and mission statements are used for nothing but being published in the annual report.

One of the main reasons for the failure of missions and visions to achieve the desired objective ... read full abstract ››

PLANITIA - A Real-Time Fuzzy-Logic Tilt Controller

Date: 26-09-2003 23:24


Cybernetics is referred to as “the art of steermanship” and it is an inter-disciplinary science that gave rise to the modern field of robotics. One of the major fields of cybernetics involves the integration of Engineering with Biology. This field deals with automatic control devices in machines that basically refer to system ... read full abstract ››

A Handbook for the Electronic Office Worker

Date: 24-09-2003 23:46

Information technology and telecommunications have gradually changed the traditional mechanised office into an electronic one.

The Handbook for the Electronic Office Worker offers step-by-step guidance on computers, software, e-mail, teleconferences, fax machines, desktop publishing and more. It provides sound advice and insights on how to survive in today’s ... read full abstract ››

ChAllEnGeR - An Online Gaming System

Date: 24-09-2003 22:03

In recent years, the Internet has become faster and more reliable. Internet access flourished all around the world including in most homes of middle class families and in almost all work environments. People are spending more and more time in front of their computers connected to the Internet for various reasons. This reality had two different consequences.

First of al ... read full abstract ››

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