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Mobile Location Based Services (mlbs): Difficulties And Issues In Implementing Location Sharing On Mobile Devices

Date: 22-09-2012 09:04

This thesis explores consumer perceptions of and standpoints towards location distribution or sharing on mobile devices. The model used in this study is based upon the widely used Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model for User Acceptance. The model is used to analyze usage objective of information technology within a mobile context. A study is held c ... read full abstract ››

Crytography And Quantum Computing: Securing Business Information

Date: 09-07-2012 18:51

The dissertation examines the history of securing business information by codes and then focuses on cryptography in quantum computing.  The dissertation presents developing novel codes for quantum gates that serve as \'logic\' gates for quantum computer systems.  The author uses historical coding techniques to develop relevant secure data for storage and transmission ... read full abstract ››

Supporting Geo-recommendations In Location-based Community Services Based On Background Tracking Information

Date: 30-06-2012 14:30

Context-aware recommender system is a practical research theme in the field of ubiquitous computing. Through studying related works, it is found that context is often treated as a type of static and isolated information, which ignores the spatial and chronological continuity of context. Besides, the information source, upon which conventional recommender systems depend, might ... read full abstract ››

Symbolic Rules Extraction From Trained Neural Networks

Date: 27-06-2012 19:43

Artificial neural networks (ANN) are very efficient in solving various kinds of problems. But Lack of explanation capability (Black box nature of Neural Networks) is one of the most important reasons why artificial neural networks do not get necessary interest in some parts of industry. In this work artificial neural networks first trained and then combined with decision trees ... read full abstract ››

Recent Studies On Water Vapour Distribution Over India

Date: 30-05-2012 06:44

Atmospheric water vapour plays an important role in radio communication for both terrestrial and earth space  communication systems as well as for  global climate change studies and weather forecasting. Consequently the water vapour datasets usage and the method of data computation are the key factors in evaluation of atmospheric water vapour trends and usage. Since ... read full abstract ››

Business Framework And Approach Of Decision Making For Is/it Development In Sme

Date: 08-05-2012 07:55

The research into the use of computer Information systems within large organisations is prolific but fewer researches have been conducted which explore attitudes to computer systems that are based on SMEs business. Why do small businesses choose the Information systems they do and what basis are their choice made? Is the success of the systems monitored? Decision framework wil ... read full abstract ››

Security Issues In E-learning

Date: 28-04-2012 12:32

The swift development of the Internet has had a remarkable impact in the way instructions are delivered in educational systems. Over the past decade, technology has been widely used in delivering and supporting learning. Learning has taken an entirely different route. This thesis provides readers with a comprehensive overview of security issues relevant to e-learning. Even tho ... read full abstract ››

Performance Optimization Of Wireless Mobile Communication Systems Using Smart Antenna

Date: 12-10-2011 23:37

The technology of smart antenna for wireless communication systems has received enormous interest worldwide in recent decade, in order to achieve the goal of integrating a wide variety of communication services such as high speed data, video and multimedia traffic as well as voice signals. The ultimate goal of this technology is to incorporate efficient spectrum utilization. S ... read full abstract ››

Human Emotion Sense Recognition System

Date: 08-10-2011 16:41

This paper discusses the application of feature extraction of facial expressions with combination of neural network

for the recognition of different facial emotions (happy, sad, angry, fear,surprised, neutral etc..).

We know that emotions plays an major role in a Human life. At di ... read full abstract ››

Business Intelligence Reporting Trends, Techniques And Standards For Collaborative Reporting

Date: 11-09-2011 08:52

Business intelligence (BI) is an important area of practice and development as per the today’s business approaches with competitive advantage of the decision supporting systems. BI processes are concerned with the broad areas of user friendly application interfaces and technologies for data Integration, Processing and analysis. The BI features and functionality facilitat ... read full abstract ››

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