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Private And Secure Hyperlink Navigability Assessment In Web Mining Information System

Date: 28-05-2011 16:55

This Dissertation focus on current study about how to extract the useful information on the web and also give the superficial knowledge and comparison about data and web mining. This dissertation describes the current, past and future of web mining and categories it. In this report, online resources for retrieval Information on the web that is web content mining (WCM) and the ... read full abstract ››

Secure Association Rule Mining For Distributed Level Hierarchy in Web

Date: 21-05-2011 16:03

Data mining technology can analyze massive data and it play very important role in many domains. If it used improperly it can also cause some new problem of information security. Thus several privacy preserving techniques for association rule mining have also been proposed in the past few years. Association rules are one of the most popular methods of data mining. Various algo ... read full abstract ››

A Web-Based Integrated Health Care Management System

Date: 21-02-2011 11:10

Health Care Management Systems has a set of important patient information stored in electronic formats that provides health care staff the flexibility and accessibility to easily interact with the patient\'s information, which helps to improve the quality of the health care service. Managing the patient\'s information has been developed and improved through different mann ... read full abstract ››

eLearning in Higher Education: Adopting, Adapting and Applying (3A eLearning Methodology)

Date: 20-03-2010 13:09

Failure which accompanied many eLearning projects in higher education institutions was, on the whole, a result of the lack of deep understanding of the process dimensions as well as the lack of good planning and comprehensiveness. The main objective of this research was to develop an eLearning methodology taking into account that eLearning still a huge debate and controversial ... read full abstract ››

Secure Electronic Voting in Malta

Date: 08-03-2010 11:46

The major aim of this Final Year Project (FYP) is to determine the practical viability in the use of electronic voting (or e-voting) in Malta.  Due to the complex nature of e-voting, this study will be mainly focused on the security aspect of electronic voting. 

The study aims at replicating the ease of use of the traditional paper-based voting.  In Malt ... read full abstract ››

Organizational Management Methods for Information and Communication Technology Service Providers

Date: 16-12-2008 17:23

The various organizational management methods for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) manifest through the measurable properties of the ICT services they purport to manage. An ICT service is the instantiation of the performances of all its systems, which systems subsume both human and technical resources and capabilities. An ICT service manages constraints by marsha ... read full abstract ››

Information Communication Technology and Liberia with respect to globalization

Date: 12-12-2008 04:41

The purpose of this research is to access and analyze the current ICT system in Liberia and its ability to deliver social-economic development with the context of globalization. This study examines the ICT infrastructure, the technical human resource capacity, government plans and policies for ICT development. In the Information Age, the world has become one global village, wh ... read full abstract ››

Digital Steganography Focusing ASCII Text

Date: 30-11-2008 10:30

To Evolve an Steganographic Technique which results in a Zero overheaded STEGO file along with other techniques.

Text Based Steganography is known to be the toughest amongst all of its competitors as text files are devoid of any redundant data to conceal secret information within it.
Till today NO known example of hiding binary dat ... read full abstract ››

Poly Message Ciphers and Tanti Algebraic Encryption

Date: 09-07-2008 20:03

A poly message cipher is a cryptographic cipher where more than one distinct plaintexts are encrypted into one ciphertext using different keys for each plaintext, and each plaintext can be decrypted from the ciphertext using the corresponding key. Tanti Algebraic Encryption is an example of such a cipher.

In this article, only symmetric-key cryptography is considere ... read full abstract ››

Vocal Tract Ailments Diagnosis through Voice Features Analysis

Date: 02-07-2008 17:26

The interpretation of quantitative speech features from the perspective of voice production mechanisms helps extracting information about the pathophysiological aspects of voice disorder. An artificial agent capable of recognizing speech abnormalities is needed for pathological speech assessment. This research work is aimed at finding relationship between voice quality feature ... read full abstract ››

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