Digital Steganography Focusing ASCII Text  

Abstract Category: I.T.
Course / Degree: Ph.D (CS)
Institution / University: International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Published in: 2007

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

To Evolve an Steganographic Technique which results in a Zero overheaded STEGO file along with other techniques.

Text Based Steganography is known to be the toughest amongst all of its competitors as text files are devoid of any redundant data to conceal secret information within it.
Till today NO known example of hiding binary data in ASCII text document exist without increasing or decreasing file length.

Ensuring privacy of Information transmitted across the Word Wide Web.

To introduce NEW Steganographic techniques / procedures for seem less embedding of binary data in ASCII text in contrast to Image based steganography.

To enhance the security and the robustness of the information concealed by introducing:
Compression before Encryption

Encryption Algorithm added by Pseudo Random Number generator

Thesis Keywords/Search Tags:
Text Steganography, Hide in Plain Sight, Security

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I.T. - Digital Steganography Focusing ASCII Text Techniques
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I.T. - Digital Steganography Focusing ASCII Text Basic Principle
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I.T. - Digital Steganography Focusing ASCII Text Software Implementation
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