A Web-Based Integrated Health Care Management System  

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Course / Degree: Master of information technology
Institution / University: University Malaya, Malaysia
Published in: 2009

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Health Care Management Systems has a set of important patient information stored in electronic formats that provides health care staff the flexibility and accessibility to easily interact with the patient's information, which helps to improve the quality of the health care service. Managing the patient's information has been developed and improved through different manners such as web-based systems, computer applications analyzed from current problems within the system, system requirements, database servers and user requirements.

Many problems appear as blockage for managing the health care information system. These problems emerge in the patient's medications, consultations, and appointments, confirming appointments, payments and doctor schedules. This research analyzes the previous studies and the available problems of the current system in two health care providers namely the University Hospital (UH) and Hospital of University Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM). This system is a web-based integrated health care management system, which contains the main modules such as patient module, doctor schedule module and appointment module. This manages the patient information history (personal information, medical information, treatment information, payment information, and appointment information) with the easiest method and sturdy security. In addition, this integrated web-based gives the patient the opportunity to use the system online and confirm their own appointments by themselves, a matter that saves time and effort of both the patient and the nurse. Moreover, by this integrated web-based, patient will be able to check the status of their appointment and doctor availability online.

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