Private And Secure Hyperlink Navigability Assessment In Web Mining Information System  

Abstract Category: I.T.
Course / Degree: M.Tech. (Information Security)
Institution / University: Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Geeta Colony, Delhi, India
Published in: 2011

Dissertation Abstract / Summary:

This Dissertation focus on current study about how to extract the useful information on the web and also give the superficial knowledge and comparison about data and web mining. This dissertation describes the current, past and future of web mining and categories it. In this report, online resources for retrieval Information on the web that is web content mining (WCM) and the discovery of user access patterns from web servers that is web usage mining (WUM) and navigability in website that is web structure mining (WSM) that improve the data mining drawback.

The information explosion in World Wide Web has increased the interest in Web usage mining techniques in both commercial and academic areas. Study of interested web users provide valuable information for web designers to quickly respond to their individual needs and for the efficient organization of the website. Among the several approaches like Association rule mining, classification and clustering to extract knowledge from user’s navigation data. This dissertation uses classification of Web log data to discover knowledge from web log files and extract knowledge mining from content and index page. Here, present detection of Remote file inclusion Attack & create secure session; based on content page. At the end, proposed a model for Web Mining based Secure Navigability Evaluation of Website.

Dissertation Keywords/Search Tags:
Website Navigability, Web Usage Mining, Web Structure Mining, Remote file inclusion, Privacy.

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