I.T. Abstracts  

Low-Income Communities: Technological Strategies for Nurturing Community, Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency at a Low-income Housing Development

Date: 28-06-2005 09:00

There are a number of historically familiar and unfamiliar forces at work in low-income communities in the United States. Recurrent forces include rapidly changing economic and demographic trends, Welfare Reform, and the increasing demand for affordable housing and a living wage. This thesis, through research-based exploration and observations of a particular information techn ... read full abstract ››

Tanti Hashing Function (THF)

Date: 15-04-2005 23:40

Had we just used this function:
Input -> [Input MOD Max Output] -> Output
we would have got a 1:1 output if the input was less than Max Output but then again we wouldn't even need the MOD function because the output numbers would be equal to the input numbers. Therefore we need to add something to scramble up the outputs.

THF works like this:
In ... read full abstract ››

The Role of Internet Technologies in the Management of Business Relationships

Date: 29-03-2005 10:19

In the Internet-enabled networked economy, a company’s portfolio of relationships becomes a source of competitive advantage. Therefore, the impact that the use of Internet technologies has on the way organisations manage and develop their business relationship is of strategic importance. This research seeks to contribute to the understanding of this phenomenon through th ... read full abstract ››

Security and Design Aspects in an Internet Voting System

Date: 08-12-2004 10:25

The Internet has revolutionised several aspects of society. Businesses and Governments alike are moving online at astonishing speeds. This dramatic impact will, in a few years time, lead to a paradigm shift in the electoral process. Internet voting will allow the casting of electronic ballots from virtually any location around the world, however, such technological changes wil ... read full abstract ››

Software Dependability Metrics for wider socio-technical concerns

Date: 03-09-2004 10:30

This paper examines the software metrics framework and proposes new measures which assess different ‘areas’ associated with socio-technical concerns within organisations. Two metrics are developed namely, the ‘Low Level Semantic Analysis Metric’ and the ‘General Functional Characteristic Metric’, which measure artefacts and people, respectiv ... read full abstract ››

Neural Network based Gaming Project

Date: 18-08-2004 00:33

This project investigates and demonstrates the usefulness of neural network ‘reinforcement learning’ in autonomous computing objects within a gaming environment. TD-Learning will be the training schemes and the framework implemented for this simulation. A comparison between two Temporal Difference algorithms Q-learning and SARSA will be made, to see which fits best ... read full abstract ››

Secure Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Backup System

Date: 09-08-2004 11:34

Although peer-to-peer (P2P) networking is mostly applied to file-sharing applications, a substantial amount of research projects have been launched overtime to exploit the new possibilities provided by this new networking paradigm. This dissertation makes use of an underlying P2P network in order to create a system providing secure backups of files on a dist ... read full abstract ››

A Methodology For The Characterization of Business-to-Consumer e_Commerce

Date: 28-07-2004 16:15

The area of electronic commerce is complex and multifaceted and its full conceptualization is still emerging. My thesis only concerns the category of consumer-oriented or business-to-consumer electronic commerce, deemed to have considerable market potential for the future. The context of electronic commerce is rich both in hype and hard facts, and interest in it has been fuell ... read full abstract ››

Ordering Functions for Game Playing

Date: 28-07-2004 13:41

The notion that computers could be used to play intelligent games has been around for some time, commencing with Shannon's initial attempts on games such as chess. initial attempts on games such as chess. Almost everyone nowadays is familiar with ‘Deep Blue’, the computer that beat the (at the time) unbeaten chess champion, Kasparov. But how does a computer decide, ... read full abstract ››

A Tool for Archiving and Searching personal web history

Date: 28-07-2004 12:29

This aim of this final year project is to enhance a users' web browsing experience by providing a set of services for managing browsed pages and building associations amongst them based on web page metadata by using Association Rule Mining. The project also introduces an Internet Explorer custom toolbar powered by Google Web Services to aid users in storing their favourite pag ... read full abstract ››